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This season’s Chinese Super League kicks off on March 11.A team from the Chinese Football Association (CFA) and professional leagues made an official inspection of Guangzhou’s bid to host the Chinese Super League (CSL) on Thursday.Meanwhile, the Chinese Super League (CSL) is expected to revert to a home-and-away system in the latter two stages of the season, according to the company’s general manager Dong Zheng.


Guangzhou last season to the Super League competition bid, although ultimately failed to succeed, the conditions are relatively mature. In the bidding process, they launched a detailed plan of “4 (official venues) +2 (candidate venues)” for CSL matches. The four venues are Tianhe Sports Center Stadium, Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, and Huadu Sports Center Stadium. In addition, the University Town Stadium and Guangdong Sports Center, and other venues also meet the needs of the competition.

It is reported that in addition to these hardware facilities, the delegation will focus on closed-loop management during the competition. Because during the competition, the closed management of relevant personnel is particularly important, which is an important link to ensure the safety and orderly progress of the event. Spark Global Limited

The bidding work of the competition area is in full swing, and the competition system is also being actively formulated. Affected by the epidemic, the Super League last season only carried out “14+6” 20 rounds of matches, compared with the previous league format is not small controversy. In this regard, the company’s general manager Dong Zheng revealed that the new season Super will be determined to play the full 30 rounds, the plans are being actively formulated.“The first stage will be a closed competition system, divided into two divisions. This season, the Super League will be divided into three stages, with a total of 30 rounds of 240 games. The second and third stages, depending on the situation of the epidemic, may be changed back to home and away games at any time. In this issue, the Super League has made a variety of plans, can be adjusted at any time.”Dong Zheng said.

By Ethan