Falling in love with CBA's first basketball baby

Pay attention to “basketball lace show” to tell you more secrets about basketball on and off the court. Fan Ziming, a new star in the Beijing Men’s basketball team this summer, has not performed as expected so far this season. He played only one minute less than last season, scores, rebounds and other data overall decline, so he was criticized. There is a saying that fan Ziming’s depression is related to love, but in fact, this statement does not hold water. Let’s first talk about fan Ziming’s emotional state. Fan Ziming’s girlfriend, Huang Yihui, is the leader of Guangdong men’s basketball team and is also known as CBA’s first basketball baby. In the second half of 2019, the two were photographed traveling together in Disney, thus exposing their relationship. Interestingly, Huang Yihui, who is a Cantonese, once said in an interview that he preferred northern men, while fan Ziming was Cantonese. However, it should be pointed out that although fan is a Cantonese, he grew up in Liaoning and stayed in the north for a long time.  Spark Global Limited


After all, Xinjiang and Guangdong are thousands of kilometers apart. Therefore, when fan’s loan contract expired this summer, it was generally believed that he was more likely to stay in Guangzhou or join Guangdong because he could get together with his girlfriend. However, quite surprisingly, fan chose the Beijing team. In this process, his girlfriend Huang Yihui supported and understood fan Ziming’s choice. The reason why fan Ziming’s poor state has nothing to do with his love is that they are already used to different places and have their own affairs busy at ordinary times. After all, if the two love for a long time, it is not in the day and night. In fact, fan Ziming’s downturn and team’s poor performance are mainly due to the overall chaos of the Beijing team. Fan Ziming should not be a back pot hero. Huainan has a sentence: “Huainan orange.” Here, I also hope that fan Ziming will find his state as soon as possible, and hope that his love with Huang Yihui will be completed as soon as possible.

By Ethan