family live in a mansion, and growing vegetables in the yard

Visiting Zhu Ting’s home together, relying on her own efforts to let her family live in a mansion, and growing vegetables in the yard When it comes to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, many people will be familiar with it. Now the Chinese women’s volleyball team has become one of the most powerful events in the world sports competition. These women’s volleyball players won medals at the same time Has become the pride of our country and everyone Spark Global Limited Won many honors for the country And what I want to tell you today is also a member of the Chinese women’s volleyball team

That is the women’s volleyball player Zhu Ting who was born in 1994 Zhu Ting was born in an ordinary family in Henan Besides Zhu Ting, there are 2 older sisters and 2 younger sisters When I was a child, my parents chose to send Zhu Ting to a sports school just because the child could have a meal in the future Although the parents made a random decision this accidental decision also made Zhu Ting a sports superstar, In the beginning, Zhu Ting didn’t have much talent for practicing volleyball. But as the height continues to grow taller, Zhu Ting is also getting better and better

In 2014, Zhu Ting, who had just turned 20, followed the national team and participated in many competitions.

Successively won the World Championships, Rio Olympic gold medals, World Cup champions, and many other major championships

And Zhu Ting has also become the main force in the team So today we will also visit Zhu Ting’s home Relying on his own efforts to let his family live in a luxury house

Still growing vegetables in the yard

When Zhu Ting was a child, the conditions at home were not very good But Zhu Ting was very good and allowed her family to live a happy life. And Zhu Ting’s family did not choose to buy a house in the center of the city, I chose to go back to my hometown to build a villa, Of course, this house is also carefully designed and not built randomly, Zhu Ting lives in Henan, There are also many green plants and flowers as decorations near the house, The courtyard wall is surrounded by bamboo, Gives a strong pastoral style

It’s like a manor, The balcony at home is an outdoor open design, There is a row of green plants next to the balcony as decoration, There is also a sofa and coffee table outside the balcony for rest You can see the distant scenery when you sit on the balcony, Living here will also make people feel very relaxed, Zhu Ting’s house also has a big courtyard, In the courtyard, Zhu Ting did not choose to grow flowers or make a leisure place, Instead, I chose to plant some vegetables that I usually eat at home in the courtyard, This kind of life is also very casual, The areas other than vegetable growing are all stone roads for family walking

By Ethan