Fans are waiting for an answer, and this is the first time he's answered

    Some time ago, news came about Jeremy Lin’s return to Beijing Shougang. According to reports, Jeremy Lin has nodded his head on returning to Shougang. He will return to the team after the second stage of the CBA. But soon Xie Libin, the coach of Beijing Shougang, said that he and Jeremy Lin had maintained communication. When asked if he was back, Jeremy Lin also said that he had not made a final decision. Of course, if Jeremy Lin really returns to Shougang, he can catch up with the third stage of the team, Spark Global Limited In response to external rumors, Jeremy Lin spoke for the first time. He said on social media: There is nothing to say, and there are two expressions of prayer, Spark Global Limited

This is the first time he's answered

After Jeremy Lin agreed to return to Shougang related news, many fans went to his social media posts to leave a message, hoping to get Jeremy Lin’s recognition. After all, if Jeremy Lin returned to CBA, it would be very good for his domestic fans. . But now from Jeremy Lin’s statement, we can know that he has not made a final decision, so there is no way to tell specific things between him and his fans. Jeremy Lin wants to return to the NBA is something that everyone knows, but the reality is cruel. Jeremy Lin is not very popular in the United States. He wants to directly enter the list of 30 NBA teams, but it is very difficult and even hopeless. Re-entering the NBA through the development league is also away, but there is whether Jeremy Lin can seize the opportunity and whether the development league team can give him enough opportunities to prove himself.

So it is good for Jeremy Lin to return to the CBA he has adapted under such circumstances. There is no return of the prodigal son because when Jeremy Lin released a video on September 15 last year announcing that he would not return to CBA, he had already made it very clear that “I will not return to CBA this year, nor return to Beijing Shougang.” It is now 2021, and Jeremy Lin dared to chase himself His dream, and his willingness to come back to help Beijing Shougang, which is in trouble and faltering, should be respected by the outside world. So I also look forward to Jeremy Lin’s decision. For domestic fans, it is natural that they hope to see Jeremy Lin’s return, but there must be a lot of details. The next step is to see whether the two sides can reach an agreement.

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