Ferrari is the last F1 team to release a new car for the 2021 season. They hope that SF21 will be an improvement from last season, or at least the engine will be. In 2020, Ferrari fell into the worst season in decades. In the 2021 season, the Italian team let Carlos Sainz replace Sebastian Vettel as Charles Leclerc’s new teammate. Ferrari has already introduced their drivers at the first press conference, and this press conference is all about racing.

Ferrari’s new floor and wings comply with the 2021 rules aimed at reducing downforce. Ferrari confirmed that they spent two development tokens on the rear of the car, but the SF21 clearly has a new nose cone and front wing. The painting of SF21 uses a combination of red and dark red, and the rear wing and the rear of the chassis are dark red. The most eye-catching element of SF21 is the touch of green brought by the sponsor Winnow brand. Last year, there was a dispute between the engine and the chassis. Ferrari initially pointed the finger at the latter and later admitted that the FIA’s 2019 technical directive on fuel flow had dealt a heavy blow to them.

Ferrari has invested in a new power unit for this season and the next four seasons. Team leader Mattia Binotto has stated that this power unit “recovers” some of the straight speed that Ferrari lost last season, but this Is it enough to make Ferrari the best among other teams at least after Mercedes and Red Bull? No one knows.

Ferrari won only three podiums in 2020 and missed the championship for the first time since 2016. The last time the team won the drivers championship was back in 2007 at Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan