International football will enter the national team match day, and the European qualifiers will officially start in March. On March 23, Beijing time, FIFA selected 10 stars worthy of participating in the World Cup. Among them, Wu Lei’s name Absolutely in the list, like Bell, Van Dijk, Aubameyang and other star players, I have to say that FIFA still gives the national football face very much, but I don’t know whether Wu Lei can lead the national football out of the predicament and get a World Cup qualification!

Before the start of the World Cup qualifiers, FIFA’s official website published an article titled “Top 10 Stars, They Are Worthy of a World Cup Tour” on the front page to warm up the World Cup qualifiers. The picture of the article is the main Dutch defender Van Dijk, and in the article, it can be found that there is actually the name of the national football star Wu Lei, who appears in this article along with the names of 9 other players.

When talking about Wu Lei, the FIFA official website first introduced Wu Lei, including that he is a Chinese international. He is 29 years old this year. He has played 67 times on behalf of the national football team and scored 18 goals. The FIFA official website also wrote, “At the age of 14 At the age of, Wu Lei became the youngest Chinese professional league player ever. In 2018, he became the winner of the Chinese Golden Globe Award and defended the award 12 months later. He became a goal in the history of the Chinese Super League. After the second most player, the winger left Shanghai SIPG. Since then, he has become a member of the Spaniard. What is unforgettable is that in the game against Barcelona, ​​he scored the equalizer at the last minute. Goal.”

After introducing Wu Lei, the FIFA official website mentioned the results of the national football. “Since its appearance in the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002, the Chinese men’s football team has been struggling in the World Cup. They are currently ranked second in the group with a score of 7. Minute.”

In the world preliminaries, the national football team and the Philippines, Syria, Guam, and the Maldives were in a group. The

By Ethan