FIFA virus raided Arsenal, Erdgau sprained ankle and retired

    In the Norwegian game against Gibraltar, Arsenal coach Arteta saw the scene that he least wanted to see: Erdgau retired due to injury, and the English media believed that he might miss the game against Liverpool because of a sprained ankle. In this game, Erdgau put on the captain’s armband for the first time. He said excitedly, “I’m proud to play for Norway. It’s a great honor to be the captain. This game is very special, but I’m going to do it. The thing is still the same.” Unexpectedly in the 42nd minute, Erdgau’s right rib in the penalty area broke through two consecutive players and fell to the ground. After the team doctor entered the field for treatment, Erdgau returned to the court, but after the intermission, Erdgau was replaced by a teammate.

“Marca” revealed that Erdgau sprained his ankle. Although the severity of the injury is not yet known, it is still worth watching whether he can continue to stay on the national team. The “Mirror” analyzed that if Erdgau’s injury is more serious, then he will be absent from next Saturday’s fight against Liverpool. For the Gunners, this must be a serious blow.

After the battle against West Ham, Arteta praised Erdgau’s performance, “He read the game very cleverly and had a great impact on the game. When everyone was shaking, he gave us calmness. It feels like he has created opportunities time and time again.” However, the Norwegian national team coach Solbakken said that Erdgau’s injury is not serious, and he is even expected to play in the key battle against Turkey. Arteta may be just a false alarm. It is worth mentioning that after Erdgau was replaced, Harland put on the captain’s armband Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan