finally come! The meeting time between the Lakers and Big Eyebrows has been revealed, and the length of the new contract has become the biggest suspense

This offseason Lakers’ Pelinka can be said to have done the show. He won the praise of fans through a pen signing. Schroder was dug from the Thunder, and only the unsatisfactory performance of Danny Green and the leader were sent. The 28th overall pick in the round, followed by drastic signings in the free agency market, including last season’s best sixth man winner Harrell, multi-team chasing Gasol, Matthews and others, At the same time, Pope was renewed, leaving Dudley and others. Although Howard, Bradley and Reading were not retained, the Lakers are still very strong.

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The training camp is about to start. Many fans have called for not forgetting to sign Brother Nongmei, who has already jumped out of the contract and became a free agent, but no one doubts the problem between him and the Lakers. Both sides will definitely continue to practice. Just today there was news that the time for the Lakers to meet with the Lakers was exposed. According to a report by the name Stein, the source revealed that the brother of the Lakers who has not signed a contract with the Lakers is expected to meet with Lakers officials as early as Tuesday, local time.

As the biggest player in the free agency market, the reason why there is no team contacting Big Eyebrow is because everyone knows that Big Eyebrow will continue to stay with the Lakers and sign a new contract with the Lakers. Now that Brother Nongmei signs the Lakers, the length of the contract has become the biggest suspense. The length of the contract and salary that Brother Nongmei can sign with the Lakers are as follows:

68 million in 2 years;

106 million in 3 years;

146.7 million in 4 years;

5 years 189 million

According to previous news, Brother Nongmei will not sign a five-year long-term contract with the Lakers. The most likely one is 68 million in 2 years and 106 million in 3 years. Then the next year is the player option, so that the options for both parties will Bigger. Because two years later, that is, in the summer of 2022, Brother Nongmei will be in the league for the 10th season (the 2012 NBA Draft). According to the labor-management agreement, if he jumps out of the contract by then, the new contract he can sign is the beginning. A five-year contract with a salary cap of 35% and an annual increase of 8% is about 230 million yuan in five years. This is the largest contract.

So the next meeting between the thick eyebrows and the Lakers depends on the length of the contract. Of course, one thing is certain, that is, the thick eyebrows will definitely play for the Lakers next season.

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