First round TKO! The perfect first show of three daughters' comprehensive fighting-Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited On November 16, the “One Championship: Long Teng years” beat the drum, wrestle! The protagonist of the movie, Rito FOGA, made his debut in front of 18000 audience at the Cadillac center in Beijing. Her opponent is South Korea’s “surprise captain” Kim Nam hee. The 25-year-old Rito was born in wrestling, a motivational sports film about her growing up! “Dad” is popular all over the world. As the best wrestler in India, she has won the silver medal in the world youth championship, the bronze medal in the Asian Championships, and the gold medal in 46 kg freestyle wrestling at the 2016 Commonwealth Games in Singapore. Now she hopes to win the first women’s world champion in comprehensive fighting on behalf of India with her wrestling skills. After more than 8 months’ efforts in Singapore evolution boxing hall, Rito has entered the Beijing arena with a brand new image.

The biggest foreign aid

Compared with Ritu’s career debut, Kim Nam hee, from Daegu, South Korea, won his first professional challenge three months ago. Jin Nanxi, 20, is five years younger than Rito and is seven centimeters taller. Three years ago, inspired by the one Championship Women’s atomic weight world champion Li Shengzhu, she began practicing kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu. Although Rito has an absolute advantage in wrestling ability, the comprehensive combat is known as the “combat decathlon” has different styles of skills. Jin Nanxi is more confident in his standing and ground skills. After all, Rito has trained in Thai boxing and Brazilian jujitsu for only eight months, while Jin Nanxi has been training for more than three years. Since the beginning of the competition, Ratu FOGA, the “fierce and delicate tiger of India”, constantly uses jabs to control the distance at the beginning of the match. Although her boxing is not very lethal, this tactic disrupts the rhythm of Jin Nanxi’s fight. When Kim Nam hee rushed forward, Rito suddenly lowered his head to show his skillful wrestling skills and easily crushed the Koreans to the ground.

Maybe he was not satisfied with his position and didn’t have enough confidence in fighting with each other. After ruitu fell down, he didn’t entangle him much, so he stood up and backed away. Jin Nanxi gets up again, and this time she takes the initiative to sweep her legs. However, it is not wise to use sweeping technique on a wrestler. Rito grabs the opponent’s wrist and falls down again to suppress Jin Nanxi. Instead of giving up the suppression position directly, Rito smashed the opponent with a small smash fist for a while, and then stood up. Maybe he was afraid of being thrown by his opponent. Jin Nanxi hesitated and didn’t get up immediately. Ritu saw the opportunity to press on again and hit Jin Nanxi’s head with his right fist. This time, Rito found the right position to control jinnanxi’s left arm with both legs, and one hand pressed on the opponent’s right arm. Jin Nanxi can’t effectively defend both hands and is beaten by ruitu’s fierce elbow. The referee terminated the match. “Indian tiger” Rito FOGA won the first round of TKO and made a perfect debut. After the competition, she said “Hello, Beijing” to the audience in Chinese. After thanking her family, coaching team and audience, she said that she would devote herself to the comprehensive combat arena and get better results in the future

By Ethan