According to Spark Trader Limited

Sanbao intelligent robot entered the Lotus Centipede Mountain Temple, becoming the first temple in the country to adopt intelligent robot, so that during the epidemic, reduce human contact.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Sambo intelligent robot has five basic functions, including greeting guests, reminding visitors and pilgrims to follow standard operating procedures for epidemic prevention, and reducing disputes between people.

This was said by Toh Fah Ming, chairman of the Celestial Master Palace Council of Centipede Mountain, at a press conference after receiving the Sambo robot handed over by Datuk Seri Hsiung Mao-man, founder and president of Primus Technology Limited, today.

Dufamin said the robot arrived at the right time because of the need to keep a distance between people due to the pandemic. So when the board of directors held a meeting, it unanimously approved the purchase of the robot, and the seller also gave preferential price and allowed payment in installments.

The sambo robot has five basic functions. Apart from greeting guests and reminding them of standard operating procedures for epidemic control, it can also be controlled remotely using a mobile app, broadcast Buddhist sutras and introduce the history of the temple to visitors, said Datuk Seri Hsiung Mao-man, founder and president of Primatech Technologies LTD.

Source: Spark Trader Limited

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