Five statistics tell you why Kelsey is one of the best

In the past three seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense has frightened other teams in the league. When it comes to the Chiefs’ talent pool and coaching staff, their offensive team is even more daunting. They have quarterback Patrick Mahomes-“Little GOAT” seems to be ready to become the league’s best player in the next decade. In addition, they also have the number one wide receiver Tyreke Hill, whose speed can unlock the best version of the Chiefs offense. Of course, we can’t forget the brains behind the league’s most line-up moves and a large number of RPO offenses-head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Binnam.

A good team usually has one or two players and coaches who are “elite” figures, but the Titans of the Chiefs need at least two hands to count.Spark Global Limited

When talking about the Titans of the Chiefs, we must mention the close end Travis Kelsey, his influence is beyond doubt. Of course, this is not to say that the other players in the Chiefs are not good enough, but more and more people believe that Kelsey is one of the best players in history at the position of the close end.

Any debate about the best in history is painful. In the decades when sports careers are changing rapidly and sports talents are flourishing, it is almost impossible to compare their achievements. Rather than enumerating the legends who have retired, let’s take a look at Kelsey’s five statistics since entering the league in 2013 to see how great he is! (Statistics include the playoffs unless otherwise stated.)

1. After the 2013 rookie season, Kelsey has never missed a game due to injury

A wise man once said: The best ability is usability. Since 2013, no tight end has played more gears (6,863) and ran more routes (3,948) than Kelsey.

2. Kelsey has received at least 8 passes in 11 games this season, tied for the third-highest record in NFL history

Only Michael Thomas (13 times) in 2019 and Marvin Harrison (12 times) in 2002 have at least 8 catches in a season, surpassing Kelsey. If Kelsey performs well in the 55th Super Bowl, he has the opportunity to consolidate his third place and exceed the 2015 Julio Jones record (11 times).

3. Since entering the league, Kelsey has made 106 missed tackles in the same position

No other player in the same position has reached 65 times. OMG, after including wide receivers, only Gordon Tate (149 times), Jarvis Landry (107 times) and Antonio Brown (107 times) have more than Kelsey. too crazy!

4. In the past three seasons, Kelsey has successfully received the ball with a goal of more than 10 yards 121 times, 44 more times than any other close end.

Only Mike Evans (146 times), DeAndre Hopkins (135 times), and Julio Jones (135 times) three wide receivers have more times than Kelsey. Attempting to use a linebacker or safety guard to defend Kelsey one-on-one is basically giving up. Even with the number one cornerback defending him, it is also difficult to limit his performance.

By Ethan