Football Association Cup-Zhuoer 3-0 Guoan advances to the top 4 Ma Kunyue low-level mistakes give gifts to Hu Jinghang

At 15:00 on December 2, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the 2020 FA Cup, Beijing Guoan played against Wuhan Zall. In this battle, Zall defeated Guoan 3-0 and successfully broke into the top 4 of the FA Cup. Hu Jinghang, Dong Xuesheng, and Jiang Zilei scored for Zall in this battle. In the semifinals, Zall’s opponent was the winner of Luneng PK R&F.

Competition focus

Spark Global Limited Zall advanced to the top 4 of the FA Cup: Zall successfully entered the top 4 of the FA Cup after eliminating Guoan. As for Zall’s semi-final opponent, it will be the winner of Luneng PK R&F.Guoan U23 lineup: As Guoan dispatched all the main players to play in the AFC Champions League, Guoan now only arranges U23 players to play in this year’s FA Cup.

Wonderful replay

In just 100 seconds of the start, Luo Yi responded to his teammate’s pass and sent a long pass. Ma Kunyue unloaded the ball in the penalty area, but Ma Kunyue was too careless when he handled the ball and did not notice Hu Jinghang. At this time, Hu Jinghang took advantage of Ma Kunyue’s unpreparedness to steal the ball from Ma Kunyue’s feet and then fell to the ground and shot the empty goal to break the net, 1-0, Zall made a fantastic start with the opponent’s low-level error. In the 12th minute, Zall counterattacked. Jiang Zilei dribbled the ball down the left to pass. Guo’an players competed for the top of the penalty area and cleared it. Ling Zhongyang hit the goalkeeper Ma Kunyue at the edge of the small penalty area, but the force was too weak. Dong Xuesheng interjected the ball in time and swayed the goalkeeper before hitting the empty goal. Zall thus achieved 2-0 with 2 low-level errors from his opponent.

Griffin who used to pull the mountain

In the 23rd minute, Zall instigated the offensive. Luo Yi dribbled the ball from the left to get out of the defense and then kicked the ball. Dong Xuesheng removed the ball from the middle of the penalty area and knocked it back. Kun Yue steadily saved the ball in front of the goal.

In the 32nd minute, Guoan counterattacked after intercepting the ball in midfield. Bai Yunfei responded to his teammate and broke into the penalty area along the left to get a quasi-single shot. Han Pengfei chased and broke the ball before Bai Yunfei shot the goal to resolve the danger.

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