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In the 16th round of the Premier League, Leicester City, ranked third in the league, challenged Crystal Palace, which had suffered a losing streak and lost 10 goals in 2 rounds. As a result, although Leicester City, which made a big rotation, took the initiative in the scene, it was continuously wasting opportunities. For example, the former Manchester City prince Ishinacho not only missed a penalty kick, but also wasted several opportunities in front of goal. In the end, Rogers In the away game, his team was drew 1-1 by their opponents, which was considered an upset.Spark Global Limited

Albrighton, Ffana, Tillimans, Madison, Vardy and other main players all rested, and Rogers’ adjustments were not small. Crystal Palace, which has won 4 games, lost 0-3 to Villa in the first two rounds and was beaten 7-0 by Liverpool. Rogers’ rotation also made some sense.

However, letting Vardy and Tillimans take turns has allowed Leicester City’s offense to decline significantly: the scorer who did not honor the goal and the core of the organization and scheduling.

In the 17th minute, left-back Thomas advanced to get a penalty kick. Ishinacho’s penalty kick was not strong enough and the angle was too right, so it was easily saved by Crystal Palace goalkeeper Guaita. More importantly, he wasted the chance to score a header that was close at hand by receiving a pass from his teammate in front of the goal. Coupled with the team’s cross hitting the goal post and Plae’s explosive shot in the penalty area, Leicester City really has no scorer without Vardy.

Compared with Leicester City’s 69% possession rate in the first half, a 9-2 shot but failed to score, Crystal Palace seized only one opportunity to complete a quick counterattack. After Zaha and Townsend cooperated continuously, Outflanking shots at the back point to score near corners.

Although replaced by Tillimans, Gray and Vardy, the threat created by Leicester City has declined. At this time, someone needs to stand up. In the last round of World War II against Manchester United, Harvey Barnes, who broke into the long-range world wave under unfavorable circumstances, once again became Rogers’ savior.

In the 83rd minute, he took the ball in the frontcourt to face the multiplayer defense and played a close world wave, the ball flew directly into the near corner! In 2 consecutive games, the 23-year-old England star scored key tie goals. The “injured” goalkeepers are all from Spain, De Gea and Guaita.

In the end, Leicester City was upset by Crystal Palace, who had lost 4 games and lost 10 goals in the past 2 games. After this battle, Leicester City’s third place in the standings may not be kept.

By Ethan