former Real Madrid star gives gifts, Mei Yang Yang 2 goals savior

      At 1:55 am on February 26th, Beijing time, in the second round of the 2020-2021 UEFA Europa League 1/16 final, Arsenal defeated Benfica 3-2 and advanced 4-3 in two rounds. Aubameyang scored twice as the savior and Tierney scored a violent volley. Leno ushered in the 100th game of the Gunners career, but today is not his day, the German goalkeeper’s gate was broken twice. Aubameyang scored twice as a promotion hero. He has scored 8 goals in the past 8 cup matches. It was Sarkar who sent him 2 assists. This is Sarkar’s 18th assist since last season, ranking first in the team.

    In the 20th minute, Tierney inserted an inverted triangle pass from the left, and Smith-Rowe was blocked from the attack. In the 21st minute of the game, Saka suddenly went straight into the penalty area, and Aubameyang knew that he would cut into the penalty area diagonally. The Mei Yangyang faced the attacking goalkeeper and dexterously shot the empty goal, 1-0! In the 42nd minute, Ceballos Miaosai’s penalty area, Saka promptly inserted the first push to face Hilton, the ball was slightly wide of the bottom line, the line referee raised the flag to indicate that Saka was offside. In the 43rd minute of the game, Ceballos fouled in the backcourt. Goncalves’ right foot shot a violent arc from a 25-meter free-kick. The ball penetrated into the upper left corner of the gate and the score became 1-1!

In the 50th minute, Aubameyang inserted into the penalty area to face the attacking Wright after a brilliant pass in the 50th minute. The slow-motion playback showed that the American goats were clearly offside and the goal was blown invalid. In the 61st minute, Arsenal’s corner kick was unsuccessful, and Wright kicked off the attack. Ceballos’ header turned into an own assist. Rafa Silva single-handedly passed Leno and sent the ball into the empty goal. , 1-2! In the 67th minute, William inserted the ball from the left, Tierney escaped from the left side of the penalty area when his left foot volleyed and broke the net, Wright could not save in time, 2-2! In the 73rd minute, Nunez went out of the open space when his right foot volleyed vigorously, and the ball flew out of the baseline against the post! The quality of this ball is extremely high! In the 87th minute, Saka stepped on a bicycle on the right and ran out of the open space when his left foot made a pass. Aubameyang followed up and broke the net, 3-2! Mei Yang Yang scored twice Spark Global Limited!

By Ethan