Formula One team leaders have voted for 2020

Hamilton received the highest score in both the team leader and driver categories, which are voted by only Formula One team leaders and drivers.In the team leaders’ poll, Hamilton was first with 171 points, followed by Red Bull’s Vestapan on 156. In third place was Ferrari’s Luca Leclair (132), followed by Renault’s Ricardo and Carlos Perez, who made the switch to Red Bull from race point.

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Russell, who came sixth, was a bit of a surprise as he had never scored a point in a race during his two years with Williams, but was widely recognized for his temporary replacement at the wheel of Hamilton’s Mercedes car. Bottas, also from the Mercedes team, was only ninth.

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Team Leader Grade:

Hamilton (Mercedes) : 171 points

Vestapan (Red Bull): 156 points

Leclerc (Ferrari) : 132 points

Ricardo (Renault) : 95 points

Perez (match point) : 82 points

Russell (Williams): 75 points

Norris (McLaren) : 45 points

Sines (McLaren): 37 points

Gasley (Red Bull): 27 points

Bottas (Mercedes) : 27 points

The scoring rules follow Formula One’s scoring rules, which allow each team leader to score a maximum of 10 drivers, with a maximum of 25 points, followed by drivers who score 18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1.The score in addition to the Ferrari team’s Binotto absence, the remaining 9 team leaders all participate. Perhaps Binotto thinks he is no longer qualified to lead Ferrari Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan