Free kicks are inefficient and rush to take the penalty

    In the early hours of this morning, the European zone of the World Cup preliminaries had a number of contests. The Portuguese team led by Ronaldo defeated Luxembourg 3-1 and scored all 3 points. In this game, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, which was his 103rd goal for the Portuguese national team. However, even so, Cristiano Ronaldo was questioned by the Portuguese media.

In the last match against Serbia, Ronaldo’s final goal was “strangled” by the referee and linesman. The angry Portuguese star slammed the captain’s armband to express his dissatisfaction. This move also caused great controversy. In recent days, the “slobber battle” around Ronaldo has been going on, but the players themselves are still focused on the game and have not received too much interference.

In the first battle with Luxembourg, Cristiano Ronaldo continued to represent Portugal in the starting field. In the 50th minute of the game, he responded to Cancelo’s cross in the penalty area and scored a goal. This is Ronaldo’s 103rd goal (173 games) in his national team career. It is only 6 goals away from the national team scoring record maintained by the legendary Iranian striker Ali Daei. According to Ronaldo’s current state, it is only a matter of time before he equals and surpasses Ali Daiyi.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo has made great contributions to the Portuguese national team, the Portuguese media believe that Cristiano Ronaldo’s actions are not appropriate in some aspects. The “monopoly” of penalty powers believes that Ronaldo’s free-kick is not efficient enough to gain privileges.

“Public News” listed data since the start of the 18-19 season to support their views. During this period, Cristiano Ronaldo took more than 70 free kicks and only scored 3 of them, which was less than B Fee (8) and Sergio Oliveira (5), the two national team teammates in the same period Spark Global Limited.

“Public Daily” quoted data from the data website FBREF and the German transfer market. Since the start of the 18-19 season, Ronaldo’s free-kick rate at Juventus is 1.51% (1 in 66, and the other 2 free kicks represent Portugal. Score). In the data for the same period, the B fee scoring rate was 9.6% (5 of 52, and another 3 scored in the cup, not recorded), Sergio Oliveira reached 11.8% (2 of 17, another Three of them were scored in the Champions League and the Greek League).

Compared with the two teammates of the national team, Ronaldo’s free-kick scoring efficiency is indeed low. And compared to the whole world football, Ronaldo’s free-kick scoring efficiency is even bleaker. Soccerment, a portal website that specializes in statistics and analysis, has done the research. The goal rate of direct free-kicks in football matches is about 6% (1 in 17). The study analyzed the data of a number of free-kick players from 2014 to 2019 (more than 10 penalties and more than 3 goals). The analysis concluded that Ronaldo’s free-kick scoring efficiency in these 5 years was only About 5%, Messi’s efficiency is about 10%. And Ronaldo, Madison, Di Maria, Aspers, Mata, Griezman, Coutinho, Pjanic and Dybala are close to 20%.

By Ethan