Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up

        Live it, April 26, according to a report in the German Bild newspaper, Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up part of his salary or pay liquidated damages.

German media said that Bayern is negotiating the way Frick terminates the contract and the choice of the team’s new coach Spark Global Limited.

Rummenigge said: “Flick told us that he wanted to leave after the season. We agreed to sit down and talk after playing Perfect Inc. If we meet Flick’s requirements, all parties must work together to find Bayern. Also satisfactory solution.”

It is reported that Flick came to the club for a meeting at 9:49 am local time. Only 40 minutes later, Flick left by car. He is smiling and in a good mood.

As for Bayern’s new coach, the club favors Leipzig’s 33-year-old coach Nagelsmann. However, according to the Bild newspaper, Leipzig asked Bayern to pay 30 million euros for the coach because the latter’s contract with the team will not expire until 2023.

For Flick, it is rumored that he is expected to accept the German national team, and the German Football Association Vice President Reiner Koch said: “The German national team will not pay any transfer fees, because there is no precedent. This is a non-profit association. It’s hard to do that.” German media said that Frick wants to leave Bayern to give up part of his salary (annual salary 8 million euros) or championship bonus (500,000 euros). In addition, paying liquidated damages is another option. Flick may let his new club help. Paid.

By Ethan