From steel plant to Beijing Winter Olympic Committee

Shougang is located outside the Fifth Ring Road in the west of Beijing and at the westernmost point along Chang ‘an Avenue. It used to be a steel giant. Now its blast furnaces stand tall but no longer billow with smoke, and its factories still do not see the roar of machines.

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On May 13, 2016, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games (BOCOG) moved into Shougang. Over the past five years, professionals in relevant fields from all over the country have gathered here, and everything has been getting ready for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games step by step.The weight of Shougang matches the vitality of the Winter Olympics, and the song of ice and fire plays here.

01. The “everyone is afraid” commentator

Shougang and Shuangao have a profound origin. Shougang was relocated on a large scale for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Now, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games has settled in Silo 10 of Shougang West.With the collision of ice and fire, Shougang and the staff left behind have experienced a gorgeous turn around.

Jiang Jinyu, a former steelworker at Shougang, came to the company at the age of 20 and spent half her life there.When Shougang moved, some employees went with them to the new plant, while others stayed behind.In order to take care of her son shortly after he was born, Jiang chose to stay.

The arrival of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games gave Jiang a chance to transform.Jiang Jinyu clearly remembers the day when he was reemployed at Shougang and became an interpreter for the Winter Olympics — March 8, 2016.

the opportunity to come, Jiang Jinyu promised, but his heart has no bottom.40 years old, accustomed to is the past rumbling mechanical sound, in the crane cab a stay is half a day, almost do not say a word. If you want to communicate with the ground, shout at the top of your voice. Back home, Jiang Jinyu took care of all the housework, climbing to clean the Windows of the sixth floor is no doubt. But these in the son’s eyes, there is no heroic spirit, but became a rough pronoun, the son often called her “man-woman”.

Mr. Jiang used to be a steelworker at Shougang

The worry about image and speech became great anxiety for Jiang Jinyu. She always felt that if she was a commentator, she would be fired one day.

With her sense of crisis, she could not sleep or eat, and she dared not relax her steps.The housework was handed over to her husband. She learned to make up and etiquette. She went to the library to check materials whenever she had time, improved and expanded the explanatory words, and memorized the explanatory words in her sleep.

Everyone said she was “demonic”.In Shougang’s different factory areas, different positions of colleagues, a little “fear” to see her.

“There was a guy from a long way away, and I thought, what can I ask him?”

Jiang Jinyu hopes to learn more about the park and the background of the Winter Olympics, so as to be fully prepared for visitors’ questions.These colleagues and experts are her sources of information. She grasps every chance she meets, asks questions according to their work types and specialties, and records all the strange knowledge points one by one.If a visitor’s question touched on her blind spot, she would call various experts to find out the answer, and then reply to them according to the agreement with the visitor.

“People come to visit to acquire knowledge, and I want to give them a satisfactory answer.”

At the beginning to explain in front of so many people, Jiang Jinyu was too nervous to open her mouth. Even if you memorize the explanatory words thoroughly, your mind will go blank when you meet the audience. Until one time, in the Q&A exchange with visitors – prepared ginger interpreter, the most not afraid of Q&A interaction – she suddenly understood a truth, “people are not to see me, but hope to understand the Winter Olympics knowledge through me, I put my eyes off the Winter Olympics to convey to them.

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