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According to Marcus smart himself, he has reached a contract renewal agreement with Celtic. The two sides signed a four-year contract worth 77.1 million, which will take effect from the 2022-23 season.

This contract has no player options and is guaranteed for four years, which means that simat’s total salary in Celtic will exceed $90 million in the next five years. This is the top salary that smart can sign.

Simat sent a video on the social network to express his gratitude to his family, team and fans during his Celtic career, and said: “let’s continue to cooperate for four years.”

Elder treatment! Simate’s four-year renewal of 77.1 million green army contract is fully guaranteed

Last season, smart’s average score (13.1), assists (5.7) and playing time (32.9 minutes) reached a career high. He has also been selected into the first team of the NBA’s best defensive team twice.

But his value to the Celtics is much more than data. He is the one who helped shape the team culture of today’s green army. During his seven years of service, the Celtics have entered the playoffs every year, and he is also an indispensable leader on and off the court.

Since the Celtics began to rebuild, there are not many players like simat who have played in the team for seven consecutive years. He has been treated as a “veteran” worthy of the name. Next, the responsibility for the team’s progress will also be borne by him, Tatum and brown.

Salary expert Bobby marks pushed and supplemented the details of Smart’s contract.

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