magic team, usually should win the game, with the fans "play is the heartbeat.". Judging from the p

Gedders: “I think every game is very important. As long as the referee doesn’t whistle, we should pay attention to every game and hope we don’t make such mistakes next time.” For Shandong Luneng, the football association cup is a battlefield that can not be lost. Looking at the CSL Big4 in the Asian championship, how can Luneng generals not itch? Luneng is a magic team, usually should win the game, with the fans “play is the heartbeat.”. Judging from the paper strength, Luneng defeated Guangzhou Fuli completely. At first, he was domineering, but he could not beat his opponent to death. Control the rhythm? Luneng is not good at passing control, and the opponent is Guangzhou Fuli. Fortunately, the penalty kick didn’t lose, otherwise it would have been a big deal!
On December 2, the Football Association Cup elimination match, Luneng again showed the “super nerve knife” nature. Han Rongze performed well and made a key save. Gedders scored twice in four minutes. After the adjustment of midfield, Hao Wei seems to think that the victory is in hand. He replaces Pele, Hao Junmin, Duan Liuyu and gedes successively. Is this a golden harvest? Too much of van Bronckhorst! Fuli did not have Zahavi and Saba, but played more overall, starting 541 formation. He gave up beautiful football and was very resolute in defense.

magic team, usually should win the game, with the fans "play is the heartbeat.". Judging from the p
In the 70th minute, fan Shuai replaced Jiang Jihong with wenyongjun, a U23 player. In the 89th minute, Wen Yongjun opened the door and Han Rongze confiscated it. In the first minute of make-up time, Thunderbird left foot pick pass in the restricted area, Zivkovic header attack was successful, the score was 1-2. Luneng wasted several chances to expand the score, and there was no pertinence in changing players. Fuli makes up a time to make up his power again, Thunderbird accurate direct pass, Luneng old general song Wenjie back to do, Thunderbird outside the restricted area to meet the ball, strong volley, straight net nest! Fuli scored two goals in stoppage time, which dragged him into the penalty shoot out.
Of course, Luneng won later. Han Rongze saved the penalty kick taken by Tang Miao, the captain of Fuli in the fifth round, and Luneng won 5-4 in the penalty kick fight. However, the match was worrying. After the game, Hao Wei commented on the game and said that the team’s performance in the second half was not perfect or good enough, especially in the last 10 minutes. When asked what consideration Liu Binbin had for Pele, Hao Wei replied, “because Liu Binbin was faster on the sidelines, we also wanted to speed up the attack rhythm.” The reporter asked, “was the second half too conservative?”

Hao Wei denied, “it’s not conservative. We also want to score. If the previous goal was scored, it might not be 2-0, but 3-0, 4-0.” The reporter asked again, “what is the strategy of the first half and the second half?” Hao Wei said that he wanted to expand the score in the second half, but he didn’t grasp it. “It will be different if it comes in.” later, he was dissatisfied with the two substitutes. “The two goals missed are really good for the other side. At the end of the day, he was still disappointed. The two substitutes didn’t play well. I am also responsible for not adjusting them well. ”
Who did Hao Wei refer to the two substitute players spark global limited?

By Ethan