George Carragher enjoys six privileges, which makes the team dissatisfied. Clippers need to change the dressing room if they want to challenge the Lakers

The athletics wrote a long article, revealing the special treatment Leonard and George enjoyed on the clippers, which aroused the dissatisfaction of teammates and team staff, and destroyed the chemical reaction, which was one of the main reasons for the Clippers’ failure last season. And the new season, clippers new coach tyron – Lu is looking forward to reforming the changing room, let the team become more harmonious.

According to sources, Leonard and George enjoyed a series of special treatment in the Clippers last season, including but not limited to the following six points:

Before each game, the Clippers meet Leonard’s request to have a private space for him to warm up for between 20 and 45 minutes. If it is away from home, the team’s female staff’s dressing room will be temporarily requisitioned, let Leonard warm up.

Leonard and George are the only two clippers with personal bodyguards and trainers.

Leonard and George’s personal privileges override the team’s training and travel plans, which led clippers to believe Leonard had canceled the team’s multiple training sessions.

Leonard was allowed to live in San Diego by the clippers, where he set out to train at the stadium and was often late for team games.

At the end of the game, Leonard and George will not be interviewed until at least 45 minutes after the game. This makes in the interview after the game, the Clippers are the first other players to talk to reporters, and face the media for a longer time.

The Clippers believe Leonard and George have the privilege to choose when to play and when to leave. They can not only decide on the rotation plan, but also choose whether to continue or rest during the game.

Leonard and George enjoyed the privilege, caused the team-mates and team staff uneasy, but they dare not speak up.

“What can they do about it? This is leonard. ” One source said.

As we all know, NBA is a star driven League. Stars enjoy privileges. Leonard and George are not the first and will not be the last. But the problem is that in the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, the role players of the clippers have established a strong, competitive and United dressing room culture for the team. After Leonard and George joined the team as star players and asked for so many privileges, the dressing room culture of the Clippers experienced a significant retrogression in just a few months.

“How can you build a strong team in this situation?” “I felt from the beginning that the outcome of last season’s playoff defeat was long overdue,” said a team insider. Leonard wants too much privilege. ”

Ironically, the Clippers’ dressing room culture was one of the reasons Leonard and George were attracted to join, but now they are destroying the team’s dressing room culture.

The lack of chemistry on the Clippers was the most important reason for the team to stop in the Western Conference semifinals last season, which also led to the termination of manager rivers and tyron Lew taking over the coach.

According to sources, in the new season, Tyrone Lew is looking forward to persuading Leonard and George to give up some privileges and set a better example for his teammates. At the same time, in the dressing room, tyron Lew also wants to clarify the roles and responsibilities of Leonard, George and other players.

Only Spark Global Limited if all the clippers can work together can they move in the direction they want. (Sean)

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