shine trader live reports

shine trader live reports:

The NBA regular season continues, and the Golden State Warriors return home to face the Los Angeles Clippers. In this game, in Leonard’s absence, Paul George made 12 of 23 shots, scored 5 of 3 points, scored 29 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assists. Finally, the Clippers defeated the warriors 113-115.

In the first quarter of the game, the warriors were as powerful as a rainbow. Curry, who returned to the home court, felt hot. He scored 25 points for 9 shots in a single quarter. No one could beat him. In contrast, the clippers were a little quiet. Although George also got 6 points in a single quarter, he couldn’t stop Curry’s cruelty.

Entering the second quarter, George woke up in time. As soon as this section came up, George made a strong three-point shot and stopped bleeding in time. In the second half, George completely switched the superstar mode. In 4 minutes and 05 seconds, George caught the ball on his flank and made a forced shot after the exploratory step. In the next round, George dribbled the ball, chased for three points and forcibly pulled it. At 1:45, George completely ignored the defense and continued to hit hard shots outside the three-point line, reducing the difference to 5 points. In 1 minute and 18 seconds, when the defender had closed his eyes, George still drifted back and hit another three points, which was really domineering. In this section, George scored 16 points alone and turned the situation around on his own.

Yi Bian fought again, and the two teams fell into a fierce blade war. George felt lost in the other side’s strict defense, but his score was still the key. In the middle of the third quarter, George made an air cut in the middle, received the ball and hit the layup, equalizing the score in one fell swoop. In the third quarter, 4 minutes and 36 seconds, the Clippers broke the ball and counterattacked. George broke 1-0 and easily staged a good play of two handed smashing. At the end of the third quarter, George was resting on the spot, but the other clippers of the clippers were awesome, three points and three strikes against the score.

Entering the final showdown, George encountered strict defense and was completely blocked again. Although the teammates were quite awesome, George, who was the core, failed to stand up and fight against him at the critical moment. George didn’t wake up until the last minute. In the last 35 seconds, George was caught in the bottom corner and reluctantly hit the iron with three points. In the last five seconds, George no longer hesitated. He dribbled the ball and hit the lightning three-point shot!

At the last moment, curry made two free throws and the clippers were three points behind. Zubartz stood on the free throw line. He missed the second penalty deliberately. George got the ball in the crowd. After stumbling, he shot overtime and missed the winner. The Clippers lost 113-115.

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