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This year’s offseason, the Rockets are undoubtedly the most mysterious team among the league’s top players. They didn’t do much during the offseason. Even the former Grizzlies executive John Hollinger and other industry insiders couldn’t see the Rockets. Whether the next step is to rebuild or win in the present, call “I don’t understand.”

But the introduction of Christian Wood from the Rockets, coupled with the signing of DeMarcus Cousins ​​today, at least one thing is certain: the Rockets have decided to abandon the five-minor play and return to a more traditional lineup model.

In the new season, the Rockets’ fifth position will be upgraded from PJ Tucker to Wood and Cousins’ rotation. Even if Cousins ​​can’t perform at his peak, a Wood who can inside and outside is enough to upgrade the Rockets to the fifth position. Coupled with the remaining members of Tucker, Eric Gordon, Danuel House and others, the Rockets’ lineup configuration is not bad. They have the opportunity to persuade the second minor, at least to persuade James Harden to stay on the team.

Give up the five small, the rocket will take off inside?

In the middle of last season, the Rockets abruptly gave up Clint Capela and presented a five-minded play, letting Tucker and Covington partner inside, Tucker was responsible for defending the opponent’s tall center, and Covington was responsible for assisting in defense and blocking. . Theoretically, the height of the Rockets’ five minors is very different from that of their opponents, but in fact, the Rockets’ five minors have completely opened up the space, and the defense is very good under the unlimited defense system.

However, the exit of the Rockets’ second round of the playoffs caused a huge change in the Rockets’ management and coaching staff. The new management and coaching staff did not intend to continue to retain the extreme five-small lineup. From the beginning, the new general manager Raphael -Stone and coach Stephen Silas emphasized that they plan to use a more balanced lineup to introduce tall centers.

After the free market was opened, the Rockets introduced Wood by signing first and then swapping for $41 million for three years. Although Wood was only a loser, his performance has been getting better and better in recent years. Wood played for the Pistons last season. After Drummond was traded, Wood played a hot performance, averaging 20+ points per game. Whether he is on the court or not, the Pistons’ offense and defense are not at the same level. Without Wood, the Pistons have both offensive and defensive levels. A huge decline.

Wood has a three-point shooting ability and a very strong finishing ability at the basket. He is regarded as a high-profile Capella, and is very suitable for pairing with Harden and Wei Shao. In the new season, Wood is bound to be the Rockets’ starting center. The Rockets can play a lineup with Wood as the center for most of the time, and the rotation time will play a smaller lineup as needed.

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