There are traitors in Barcelona's dressing room! 4

At 4:00 a.m. on January 4, Beijing time, in the 17th round of the 2020-2021 La Liga season, Barcelona beat wesca 1-0 away to win the first victory in 2021. Messi assisted Derong to score the only goal of the whole game, Let’s take a look at Messi’s wonderful assists. In the 27th minute, Messi took the ball from the left-wing of the penalty area and sent it through accurately. De Jung immediately inserted the penalty area and smashed the net in front of the goal. This ball Messi and de Rong’s passing and running cooperation are very tacit, the boss’s assists can be said to be master level.

Messi's bonus has also been exposed

This game ushered in a number of milestones for Messi, which is his 500th game in La Liga and his 750th game in Barcelona’s career. The Argentina superstar sent his 300th assists in his career, including 260th in La Liga and 40th in Argentina’s national team. Messi played for Barcelona for the 19th time this season, scoring 10 goals, sending out four assists, and making 14 goals directly.

In the first game of La Liga in 2021, Messi certainly wants to score for Barcelona. In the match with wesca, Messi tried to shoot eight goals, including two straight shots. Messi’s closest goal was the free-kick. The boss’s left foot made a perfect parabola, but the ball was saved by the brave goalkeeper Fernandez Spark Global Limited On the same night, Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals against Udinese, surpassing Pele in 758 career goals to set a divine record, while Messi failed to break weska’s goal with eight shots. On social media, fans are talking about Messi’s 2-footed shot. One time, in the ninth minute of the opening, Alba’s left-wing bottom line crossed, and Messi’s small angle volley from the far point was unmarked. The ball was directly hit by him, and it turned into a breakthrough.

By Ethan