Gong Xiangyu was urged to change!

       Nowadays, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is undergoing intense training, and just today, the volleyball studio released a video, which caused Gong Xiangyu to be urged by the majority of fans, and Yuan Xinyue interfered with the filming, was disgusted by Gong Xiangyu and was driven away. Make fun of 2 people. Judging from the video at the time, Gong Xiangyu was filming the scene of the Chinese women’s volleyball training ground. This made the fans think that this was Gong Xiangyu’s personal vlog video, and they began to shout about Gong Xiangyu, hoping that she would update her vlog as soon as possible. Indeed, since Gong Xiangyu After committing to the fans to update the vlog from time to time, it has been nearly 20 days since Gong Xiangyu’s last vlog. The last vlog was updated during the Spring Festival. It’s no wonder that many fans are urging Gong Xiangyu to update. Looking at the situation, Gong Xiangyu’s next issue of the vlog theme may be many small tidbits during the Chinese women’s volleyball training camp, which is indeed very exciting.

In addition to the expectation of Gong Xiangyu’s vlog, in the video at the time, an episode between Gong Xiangyu and Yuan Xinyue was ridiculed by many fans. At that time, Yuan Xinyue was lying behind Gong Xiangyu, watching Gong Xiangyu’s filming, and seeing the excitement At this point, Yuan Xinyue directly wanted to participate in Gong Xiangyu’s shooting. Unfortunately, this was rejected by Gong Xiangyu, who was taking the video seriously. Yuan Xinyue’s little hand was driven away by Gong Xiangyu. It seemed that it was precise because of Gong Xiangyu’s “drive” that Yuan Xinyue finally left. He did not continue to lie on Gong Xiangyu’s back, which made many fans ridicule, Gong Xiangyu went to coax Yuan Xinyue, you made her angry.

Of course, this is just ridicule from the outside world. Naturally, the relationship between the two will not be cracked because of this trivial matter, and the two can be called a complementary combination of the Chinese women’s volleyball team 2. Why do you say that? Fans who are familiar with the Chinese women’s volleyball team should know that although Gong Xiangyu is expensive to support, in the system of the national team, it has always been based on protection, and has undertaken many first passes and defensive tasks, such as Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Zhang Changning, etc. All the attackers escorted her, and the heavy support task undoubtedly affected Gong Xiangyu’s offense, which made her offensive at the 2nd position not excellent, and therefore she suffered a lot of doubts Spark Global Limited.

But since Gong Xiangyu can’t hold up the offensive at No. 2, why does the Chinese women’s volleyball team still maintain such a strong strength to be ranked first in the world? One of the reasons is that Yuan Xinyue’s existence has made up for Gong Xiangyu’s lack of position in No. 2 and enabled the Chinese women’s volleyball team to fly on both sides. In terms of the offense alone, Yuan Xinyue can definitely be ranked at the top of the world’s active deputy offense. 5. No matter what kind of offensive tactics, Yuan Xinyue is easy to do. It is with Yuan Xinyue’s offensive weapon that Gong Xiangyu can put more energy in the back row. It is precise because of this that the author said that they are the two. The complementary combination of position 2.

By the time of the Tokyo Olympics, both Yuan Xinyue and Gong Xiangyu will be under tremendous pressure. Among them, Yuan Xinyue is because of her partner-Yan Ni. Now there is a greater hidden danger due to injuries and age, while Gong Xiangyu is still present. Neither has an ideal substitute. Gong Xiangyu was urged to change! Yuan Xinyue was dismissed and expelled, and the two could be called a complementary combination of No. 2 I am a young person to talk about sports, focusing on sharing interesting news about sports. Readers are welcome to comment, forward, and participate in the event discussion!

By Ethan