In addition, the coach at the time was Japanese, which gave Chen Boliang the opportunity to understand what real professional football was like. Under the recommendation of the Japanese coach, Chen Boliang had the opportunity to train in the J-League team Yokohama Mariners. Chen Bailiang used “cool and powerful” to describe the professional players he saw.

“Everything will be arranged for you and put it away. The training environment, including the cafeteria, and the turf are very professional. All this makes me think that becoming a professional player should be handsome.”

From Taiwan, China to Hong Kong, and then to Shenzhen, Chen Boliang became the handsome professional player in his mouth.

In Shenzhen, Chen Boliang met Leshan Xiaozhi, and they had a good relationship. Leshan Xiaozhi taught him how to become a professional player. “The biggest change in coming to the mainland is professionalism. I really have to thank Leshan Xiaozhi. After all, Japanese players are very professional. Professional players must not only do well on the court, but also be regulated off the court. Own habits.”

Good professional habits have kept Chen Boliang in good shape and his muscle lines are clearly visible. According to Wu Shaokun, Vice President of Greentown, Chen Boliang is the person with the lowest body fat ratio in the team, and has fully reached the European level, close to Ronaldo.

Chen Boliang also met Trussier and came to Shenzhen from Taiwan to try out. He was stayed by Trussier. Later in an interview, Chen Boliang said, “Troussier is great and it is a blessing to be able to play under his hands.”

Trussier is Bole on Chen Boliang’s football road. Without him, perhaps he would not have the current Chen Boliang. “If it weren’t for Trussier’s fancy, I would probably still stay in Taipower now and be satisfied with less than 10,000 yuan a month. Salary in RMB.”

Trussier’s training method has benefited Chen Boliang. Although he is grumpy, Chen Boliang sees it as a way of motivating. In Chen Boliang’s eyes, Trussier is a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect, so he The requirements on the training ground are extremely strict. Trussier often yells at players when he is not satisfied with his training. It is a real rant. “There is no football in Taiwan, the Taiwanese can’t play football, and the Chinese players I know can’t play football!” The more Trussier said this, the more Chen Boliang wanted to prove it to him.

Sometimes Chen Boliang will conflict with Trussler, “In fact, it’s normal. After all, this is a men’s sport, but it won’t bring this emotion to private.” Although Trussier would rant about players not playing well, But the player will be told what to do in the next second. When the deep football team encountered a lack of salary, Trussier always stood with the players to help them fight for the best interests.

Chen Boliang did not stay in Shenzhen for a long time, and later moved to Shanghai Shenhua. During Shenhua, Chen Boliang had few opportunities. At this time, Trussier became the coach of Hangzhou Greentown. He called Chen Boliang, “He knows that I didn’t play much in Shenhua in 2014, but he knows that I understand his football, and I also understand his tactics. Like his football philosophy.” The two met again in Greentown.

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