Guangzhou (CBA) — China’s Guangdong Province (CBA) coach Ding Wei faces his former team Guangzhou in the first round of the 2020-21 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) regular season on Saturday The two teams were close in the first half, but Guangzhou burst out in the third quarter with a 15-2 run to open up the gap. Shanxi came back in the final quarter but fell short as Guangzhou beat Shanxi 105-94 for its third straight win, This data Spark Global Limited, In the whole game, Guangzhou shot 15 of 36 three-pointers, three-point shooting rate of 42 percent, Shanxi three-point shooting of 7 of 23, three-point shooting rate of 30 percent. On the backboard, the Shanxi team won 44-35. Assists, Guangzhou team 28-20 lead.

In terms of individual statistics, Guangzhou’s Moore scored 34 points, Chen Yingjun 14 points and 10 assists, Guo Kai 13 points, Zhu Mingzhen 11 points, Speites 12 points, and 9 rebounds. Shanxi’s Ren Junwei had 27 points and nine rebounds, Zhang Ning 21 points, Moland 17 points, and 21 rebounds, Liu Guancen 15 points, and Zhang Hanjun 10 points and 14 assists. Man of the game: Moore Guangzhou team foreign aid Moore scored 34 points, Guangzhou team narrowly win Shanxi team to make great achievements.

Focus: Ren Junwei violates the body foul


At 10:41 in the third quarter, Guo Kai of the Guangzhou team threw the ball, and Ren Junwei of the Shanxi team extended his foot to make up for the defense, resulting in Guo Kai landing on the latter’s foot and almost getting injured. Referees looked back at the video and punished Ren Junwei for a physical violation. Tian Yuheng violates the body At 11:29 in the last quarter, Zhang Hanjun of the Shanxi team shot three points, Tian Yuheng had extended foot movement in defense, the referee punished Tian Yuheng for violation. Engagement reviews After this game, the Guangzhou team and Shanxi team in the history of a total of 31 times, Guangzhou team 13-18.

Competition Review:

In the first game, Zhang Hanjun breakthrough layup for Shanxi scored first, Moreland, Liu Guancen, the former Shuai more flowering, Guangzhou 10-0 began the game. Chen Yingjun’s three-point shot opened Guangzhou’s 10-4 counterattack. Zhu Mingzhen took 5 points to help Guangzhou 17-16 lead. Speights hit a 3-pointer and blocked a shot, and Zhang Ning scored four straight points. By the end of the first quarter, the two teams were tied at 20. In the second session of the game, Zhang Ning tackled a dragon and completed the breakthrough, Moore, Zheng Jun inside and outside the bloom, Zhang Ning broke again to score, but the Guangzhou team more bloom. Tian Yuheng, Zhu Mingzhen have played, Guangzhou team gradually opened the difference, once led by 12 points. Ren Junfei even took 5 points, Zhang Ning three points, Ge Zhaobao scored under the basket, Shanxi team hit a 10-2 attack wave. At the end of the first half, Shanxi recovered 41-45.

Easy side to fight again, Morland basket to eat cake, Liu Guan-cen dunk, Shanxi team to tie the score. Guo Kai, a mole inside and outside blossom, Ren Junwei and Zhang Ning join hands to return with color, both sides to Biao. After Zhang Ning broke in, Chen Yingjun quickly answered with a 3-pointer, and Speights added a 3-pointer to give Guangzhou a 64-57 lead. In this section, the Guangzhou team’s double foreign aid power is obvious, Moore and Speights together to carry the attacking burden led the Guangzhou team to hit a 15-2 attack wave. At the end of the third quarter, Guangzhou led 79-61.

By Ethan