Guangzhou Evergrande team sent good news late at night!

      Late on the night of April 23, Beijing time, the latest news came from Chinese football. According to the domestic media “Tianjin Daily”, in order to prepare for the next 40 finals, Li Tie will continue to inspect the national football squad, and Yan Dinghao of the Guangzhou team Has entered his sight, as a club that has always hoped to contribute to the Chinese men’s football, Yan Dinghao has the opportunity to be selected for the national football team, which is obviously beneficial to the Guangzhou Evergrande team.

“Tianjin Daily,” wrote: “The coaching staff of the National Football Team watched the Guangzhou Derby and Qingdao against Cangzhou in the first round of the Super League on the 20th. Coach Li Tiechao’s match was a contest between Guangzhou and Guangzhou City. Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Exon, Alan, Wei Shihao, and others are the focus of Li Tie’s investigation.

It is reported that Li Tie and his assistants are based on the principle of “collecting everything that should be received”. The new national team list has been quietly “expanded”, and the number is expected to be around 60. In the first round of the match, although Yan Dinghao was “self-inflicted”, his vision and ability to organize offense were first-class in the Guangzhou team of the “China Class”. ” It can be seen from the “Tianjin Daily” report that Yan Dinghao has already gained the attention of Li Tie, head coach of the national football team, with his outstanding performance in the first round of the Super League. Although the media did not disclose more information, Li Tie intends to recruit Yan Dinghao. This is indeed a correct decision Spark Global Limited.

Because people who are always concerned about Chinese football know that Yan Dinghao is a rising superstar in China in recent years. He is fast, has a broad vision, and is good at sorting out attacks. Since joining the Guangzhou Evergrande team, he has quickly gained the trust of Cannavaro. . In the first season, Yan Dinghao personally played very well, contributing 4 goals for the team in 18 appearances. The national team currently lacks such excellent midfielders. Now, Li Tie intends to call him into the national team. This is not only a wise choice but also conducive to the good results of the Chinese men’s football team in the world preliminaries.

By Ethan