Guangzhou R&F is renamed Guangzhou Blue Lion

With the ELIMINATION of the FA Cup, Guangzhou R&F this season’s competition has been all over. Dutch coach Giovanni Van Bronckhorst also announced his resignation and returned to the Netherlands. With the departure of Israel’s zahavi and Saba this season, GZ R&F will enter a rebuilding season.

Guangzhou R&F is renamed Guangzhou Blue Lion

According to the latest report from guangzhou daily, guangzhou r&f club will probably change its name to guangzhou blue lion after the Evergrande club plans to change its name to “guangzhou team”.

The guangdong media said that guangzhou Evergrande was renamed as “guangzhou team”, which guangzhou r&f was definitely not willing to do. However, due to the historical legacy of the team, guangzhou r&f could not do anything about it. This also means that GUANGZHOU R&F can only change its name to “Guangzhou XX”. According to the current information, Guangzhou R&F combines the blue color of the home team and the team emblem with two blue lions holding the crown football, so guangzhou R&F will be renamed as “Guangzhou Blue Lion”. The registered address of Guangzhou R&F Club is also expected to be moved from downtown Guangzhou to the suburbs of Guangzhou.

At the moment, many fans think of the xiamen blue Lion! The club was officially dissolved in 2008 without a corporate takeover. Do you still remember gao Hongbo’s Xiamen Blue Lions?

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