Guardiola denies the introduction of Harland

        On April 2, Beijing time, Manchester City coach Guardiola bluntly said that the club is out of money and cannot afford Harland. Recently, the “Sun” stated that Manchester City plans to introduce Haaland and is willing to pay £150 million to Dortmund as a transfer fee. At the same time, it offers players a five-year contract with a weekly salary of £600,000. The total transfer fee + salary exceeds 300 million pounds.

Manchester City has confirmed that they will no longer renew their contract with the 32-year-old Aguero, which makes the outside world think that they are going to spend money to buy Harland. However, Guardiola denied the rumors of introducing Harland at the pre-match press conference. Guardiola said: ” In this economic environment, all clubs are short of money, and so are we. We don’t plan to buy forwards because we can’t afford them. We also have Jesus and Ferran Torres on our team. Sterling can also play at position 9, and there are also youth players.”

I still remember that when Guardiola talked about Manchester City’s 19-game winning streak two months ago, he smiled and said: “The reason for the winning streak is that we are rich and bought a lot of superstars, so we can always win. Without these top players, We can’t always win.” In the summer of last year, Manchester City spent 160 million pounds to buy people, and the net transfer expenditure exceeded 100 million pounds. So do you believe that Manchester City has no money?

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Guardiola is looking for a step-down, because the agent Raiola made it clear in an interview recently that he does not like to cooperate with Guardiola. Harland’s 75 million euro liquidated damages will take effect next summer, but Dortmund will have to receive at least 180 million euros this summer before he is willing to release Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan