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Spark Global Limited On December 24, Beijing time, the Chinese Table Tennis Super League continued. The fifth round of the women’s team was a big hit. The 16-year-old star Kuaiman won 3 games in a row after falling behind 0-2, reversing Zhu Yuling. This is her career. Another great victory. Previously, Kuaiman swept Gu Yuting 3-0, which made people shine. With teammate Sun Mingyang also performing well, the Heilongjiang women’s team became the dark horse in the Ping-Pong Super League.

From the perspective of staffing, Shenzhen University and Shandong Luneng are the favorites to win the women’s team, while the World Professional League, Chengdu High-tech, Beijing Shougang and other teams also have ace players leading, with the strength to hit the semi-finals. In comparison, the overall strength of the Heilongjiang women’s team is weak. The leader of the team is Sun Mingyang, and the other players are new generation teenagers, including Kuaiman, Qi Fei, Chen Yi and so on. Surprisingly, this young team continues to bring surprises.

In the first round of the women’s team, Heilongjiang swept Beijing Yuekailong 3-0. The unpopular maker was Kuaiman. She first played in the women’s doubles with Qi Fei, and finally beat Zhang Binyue/Gu Yuting 3-2. After that, Kuaiman met Gu Yuting in the women’s singles match again, and the result was a convincing 3-0. Kuaiman beat Gu Yuting with an excellent offense. Don’t forget, the latter performed well last season and was the bitter owner of Mima Ito. , Is also the main coach of the national table tennis team, strong, but was swept by Kuaiman.

After that, Heilongjiang successively encountered the World Professional League, Shandong Luneng, and Shenzhen University. Because of the big gap in overall strength, the Black Dragon suffered a three-game losing streak. However, from the perspective of the game process, the teenager Kuaiman is still worthy of recognition. Facing the fiery Sun Yingsha, she Efforts to grab the next game, for a 16-year-old player, this performance is already very good. Besides, Kuaiman generally plays doubles first and then singles. Her stability is also impressive.

In the fifth round, Heilongjiang played against Zhu Yuling’s Chengdu Gaoxin. Although Kuaiman/Qi Fei lost one game first, they won three games in a row and reversed Guo Yan/Yang Huijing. In the subsequent singles matches, Sun Mingyang and Qi Fei performed averagely, losing to Zhu Yuling and Yang Huijing respectively. In the fourth set, Kuaiman made another appearance to challenge the world champion Zhu Yuling. After the opening, Zhu Yuling immediately took advantage, winning two games in a row 11-3 and 11-9, which seemed to be a sweeping rhythm, but Kuaiman did not give up.

Starting from the third game, she improved the quality of the first three boards, especially Zhu Yuling was not comfortable with the serve attack. Kuaman won two games in a row, dragging the game into the final game. At the last moment, Kuaiman let go and forced Zhu Yuling to make consecutive mistakes. Kuaiman, who had established the lead early, seized the opportunity and won the deciding game 11-6, reversing Zhu Yuling 3-2 and bursting out a big upset. This victory helped Heilongjiang equalize the score. In the final set, Sun Mingyang did not disappoint her teammates. She defeated Guo Yan 3-2 and the Heilongjiang women’s team had the last laugh.

The 16-year-old Kuaiman previously won the National Youth Championship Women’s Singles Championship, and defeated Gu Yuting, Zhu Yuling and other powerful players in the Table Tennis Super. It can be said that he was born. If such performance can continue, Kuaiman is expected to enter the country. The first team has received key training, and a supernova is rising!

By Ethan