Haas showed off their 2021 car paint

As the first team to admit that nothing has changed except the color, Haas released their 2021 VF-21 car.

Although competitors have been showing off their 2021 revised car, each team has used tokens for research and development, however, Haas announced that their Thursday unveiling was a “painting unveiling.” Haas Racing, dressed in the colors of the Russian flag, announced its title sponsor as Ural Potash Company, a company owned by the father of newly signed rookie driver Nikita Mazepin. This team will be called the “Ural Hass F1 Team”.

Haas F1 team boss Gene Haas said. “I am very happy to welcome Ural Potash to F1 as a partner of the Haas F1 team. We look forward to representing their brand throughout the season. The arrival of Ural Potash is an exciting time for the team. Nikita Ma Zeping and Mick Schumacher will drive for us, and I hope we can return to the combination of scoring in the game. These two seasons are difficult, but we will also look at the big picture, especially the implementation of the new rules in 2022. “

Haas team leader Gunther Steiner has revealed last month that the team has chosen not to spend any development tokens, but has chosen to focus all its energy on the next year with major rule changes. Of course, the new car will have some minor adjustments, these changes include the floor, diffuser, and rear brake duct. Haas has two new drivers this season, not only new drivers for the team but also new drivers for F1, although one of the drivers has a very familiar name. The team has signed Mick Schumacher, the son of the seven-time F1 world champion Michael Schumacher. He is one of the team’s two rookies. With the support of the Ferrari Youth Academy, the 21-year-old Schumacher has just been in 2020. Won the championship in the F2 Championship, and Ma Zeping ranked fifth in the final standings Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan