shine trade live reports

shine trade live reports:

Yesterday was the live ceremony of the hall of fame. Allen and Garnett, two former Green Army stars, appeared at the scene. Unfortunately, there was no scene of meeting with a smile and devoid of gratitude and hatred.

This was originally the best chance to shake hands and make peace, because it was a good day for pierce to enter the hall of fame. If Allen could shake hands and hug Garnett, it would certainly be a good story. However, such a beautiful thing did not happen. Pierce originally broke the news on Ig that Allen and Garnett were arranged to sit together at the live ceremony to witness his arrival ceremony.

But in the end, the two didn’t sit together. They were far apart. Garnett sat next to former Green Army coach rivers. According to the original arrangement, Garnett didn’t sit with rivers.

It is reported that Garnett and Allen are not ready to shake hands and make peace. Kg was very angry when he learned about the seat arrangement at the scene and immediately asked for a seat adjustment.

Allen and the green star have a deep contradiction. The fuse is joining the Celtics’ arch rival heat in the summer of 2012. In previous years, the latter eliminated the green three times in the playoffs. Allen would rather not have the green army’s 2-year contract of 12 million and accept the heat’s 3-year contract of 9.7 million or less, which angered the green army and regarded Allen as the biggest enemy.

Pierce made up with Allen a few years ago, but Garnett and Rondo still resent Allen and haven’t forgiven him. Although rivers and pierce have repeatedly said that they want to mediate between them, it seems that the effect is very little.

By Ethan