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August 20 – today, nets star harden talked about teammates Durant and Owen in an exclusive interview with sports illustrated.

Harden: KD really loves basketball. Owen can score anywhere

“Durant is really great, and he is very modest. He has been working very hard. He works very hard every day and is committed to becoming the best himself,” harden said. Also, Durant really loves basketball. Many people just start playing because they are tall or for other reasons, but Durant really loves basketball. He can play whenever and wherever he is, which is something he can’t teach. ”

Speaking of Owen, harden said: “he is one of the most skilled players I have ever seen. His performance on the basketball court is very incredible. He can score anywhere on the court. Playing with people like him makes my work much easier. I can concentrate on being the core of an organization on the pitch and score when they need me to score. “

By Ethan