shine trader limited reports

shine trader limited reports:

The Brooklyn nets play the Miami Heat in the NBA regular season. In this game, the performance of basketball superstar James Harden continued to decline, making 4 out of 12 shots, 8 out of 3 three points, 3 out of 3 free throws, and only got 14 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Harden didn’t score in the first and third quarters and was in pretty bad shape. Finally, the nets lost to the heat 93-106.

Harden’s state in the first half of the first quarter was still very bad, and both shots ended with striking iron. In the first quarter of 3 minutes and 49 seconds, harden was broken by Butler in a forced breakthrough. Harden thought it was a foul, but the referee didn’t say anything. Instead, the heat immediately caused Aldrich’s foul in Hiro’s counterattack. For the referee’s double bid, harden also seemed quite helpless, only to stand up and sigh. Harden didn’t get a point in this competition and played quite dull.

Entering the second quarter, harden finally broke out in silence. In the middle of this section, harden held the ball in the bottom corner, retreated three points in the face of the defender, and finally hit, breaking the personal scoring shortage! In 5 minutes and 54 seconds, harden made a strong score with the ball in the middle and staged a domineering flying with both hands, which ruthlessly vented his resentment.

Thus, harden also found self-confidence. The next round, he took a single shot with the ball on his side, took a step back and hit the three-point shot, and made a foul on the defender. It was rare to get a whistle. Harden got up and clapped high five with his teammates one by one. He was as excited as the new year. After half-time, harden got 11 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

Yi Bian fought again. Although the nets once gained the upper hand, the tenacious heat launched a counterattack and surpassed the score. The situation on the field was quite anxious. Awkwardly, harden sank again in the third quarter, and he didn’t get a point in this quarter.

In the first three quarters, harden scored zero points in two quarters and 11 points in one quarter. This state is like riding a roller coaster. In the final quarter of the decisive battle, the basket once fell behind by 11 points. Harden’s hand feeling came late and was lucky to throw a three-point shot. In the last three minutes, harden broke through forcibly, but Butler gave him a big hat. Next, harden’s free three-point shot ended in striking iron again. Since then, the morale of the basketball network has plummeted. With Tucker hitting three points, the game completely lost suspense.

By Ethan