Harden sprinted for the first time to pull up his eldest brother

On January 17, Beijing time, the Nets faced the Magic at home. Harden officially ushered in the Nets debut in the No. 13 jerseys. After Durant fell during the game, Harden ran over to pull up his brother. Harden’s attitude towards the game has become more positive than before in the Rockets, stealing blocks, and battling for the floor Spark Global Limited

Harden and Durant started together and led the team together. After the game, Harden organized an offense to connect the team. The defensive end also intercepted opponents and sent blocks. Durant led the offense. After more than 7 minutes, Harden dribbled the ball. At halftime, the ball was passed to Durant. Durant held the ball and scored. He lost his balance and fell directly. Then Harden ran over for the first time and reached out to pull up his elder brother Durant.


In the first quarter, Harden didn’t take many shots. The Nets’ first career point was obtained by fouling free throws. When he played with Durant, Harden mainly passed the ball; after Durant left the field, Harden Slightly strengthened the offense, the defensive end also worked hard, fell to the ground to grab the floorball, and then actively stretched out his hand to lift the opponent, compared to before, Harden really changed.

By the second quarter, Harden’s firepower was fully on, the classic European step layup and counterattack carried the ball to the defense of two players. The European step layup was Harden’s first sports game score in his Nets career; Dang Du Rand rarely failed to enter the sky. Seeing Durant a little frustrated, Harden stood on the sidelines and applauded Durant vigorously and cheered.

By Ethan