spark limited reports:

On August 20, harden talked about the goal of the new season in a recent interview with sports illustrated.

When asked whether there will be pressure in the new season, harden replied: “not at all, we are just very excited. We are focused and know what we want to do. The most important thing is to keep healthy and we will do it. The most exciting thing is that we can finally play a full season together. ”

Asked why he thought the new season was the best chance to win the championship, harden said: “when all the staff are healthy, no one can beat us, so I put my words here( I’m just going to leave it at that)”

Earlier, harden announced that he would hold a charity concert in Houston for $13. Speaking of Houston, harden said: “Houston will always occupy a special place in my heart.”

“I’ve spent the past nine years there. That’s what happened on the pitch. I’m disappointed that I didn’t bring a championship there because that’s the purpose of my every game.” Said harden.

“My work in the community really shows me the impact I can have on the city. We have experienced some difficult things. Now we can come back and give support to people. I will continue to do this.”

By Ethan