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Harvey said in an interview a few days ago that the Brazilian team had invited him to serve as an assistant coach and will serve as the Brazilian coach after the 2022 World Cup. But at present, it may not be the case. The Brazilian team said that it did invite Harvey, but only asked him to help collect information on European football.

  Tite said: “I talked to the Brazilian Football Association Chairman Caboclo about the possibility of introducing Harvey. Harvey can use the background of the player’s era, the leadership, ideas and knowledge of the player’s age as an auxiliary means.”

  Regarding whether the Brazilian Football Association ever invited Harvey to be the coach after the World Cup, Tite said: “It is certain that I invited him to be an assistant. I don’t know if the Brazilian Football Association will let him be the coach. This is agreed by the Brazilian Football Association. “

shine trader limited
shine trader limited

  And Brazil’s assistant coach Sampaio said: “We wanted to ask Harvey, as the Chairman of the Football Association said by himself, to let him be an observer in Europe. This is part of our plan to prepare for the World Cup, but it did not happen in the end. “

  Sampaio said that if Harvey joins, it will be very popular because he is an important figure in football.

  Caboclo is currently stopped due to the sexual harassment case. He said: “I did not promise Harvey to succeed Tite after the World Cup. I just indicated that there is such a possibility.”

By Ethan