Hawk's three-point magic turn

On March 12, Beijing time, the Hawks overturned the plate with a 3-pointer to beat the Raptors 121-120.

Hawk's three-point magic turn

The hawks (17-20) won three games in a row. Trey young had 37 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, Kevin Hart had 19 points, John Collins had 13 points and 8 rebounds, Clint Capella had 9 points and 18 rebounds, and Tony Snell had 6 points and 5 rebounds when he hit the winning whistle.


The Raptors (17-20) lost three times in a row. Norman Powell had 33 points, Kyle Lowry had 17 points, 12 assists and 6 rebounds, alon Baines had 11 points and 15 rebounds, Stanley Johnson had 11 points, and de Andre benbury had 9 points and 5 rebounds. Substitute Chris Boucher 29 points and 9 rebounds.

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