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Barcelona announced the UEFA Champions League list for Kiev, Messi’s name is not among them, Koman’s explanation is a holiday. Messi’s state is not good this season, his goals are basically penalty kicks, his performance on the court has lost his dominance, so the Argentines have also heard a lot of criticism. According to a video released by the media, when Messi finished training and left the base on Monday, he encountered several Barcelona fans shouting at him: “Wake up!” Messi turned his head to stare at the fans when he heard the call, the situation seemed very tense. Faced with the roars and accusations from the fans, Messi did not respond much and drove away.

Barcelona fans hope that Messi can do more. In their impression, Messi has been the king on the court for the past 15 years. The Argentine superstar can always save the team from crisis time and time again. But this season under Koeman, Messi has become the “penalty plum” and the “Large Shot King”. Barcelona currently ranks 13th in La Liga with only 11 points. For a world-class giant, this kind of performance and ranking It is unacceptable.

This summer Messi publicly expressed his thoughts about leaving the team, although he was forced to stay in the team, this definitely had a big impact on his concentration. Coupled with the departure of his friend Suarez, Messi and Griezman also did not call, and the Argentine superstar became very lonely on the offensive end. For Messi’s performance, Barcelona fans are also very dissatisfied, they no longer think that Messi is an indispensable member of the team.

Messi is also considering his options, his contract with Barcelona will expire in the summer of 2021, Manchester City and Paris are connected with the Argentine superstar. Argentina’s “tyc sports” also discussed Messi’s situation in a show. Zingalani said: “Messi must make a decision. He needs to go to another club to show his level. Paris Saint-Germain may It’s a good choice. If Messi decides to leave Europe, then he should come back to play for the Newells old boy.”

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