Help the Chinese women's football team hit the Tokyo Olympics

    In the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Olympic preliminaries, the Chinese women’s football team defeated South Korea 2-1 in their first-round away. On April 13, the girls will return to Suzhou to play at home, only one step away from entering the Tokyo Olympics! On April 13th, Tianyi Ultra HD will also broadcast the entire Suzhou game. The ultimate battle is not to be missed! At the same time, China Telecom Tianyi Ultra HD and Tencent Sports will provide benefits for you who love Chinese women’s football! 500 tickets for the game are collected for free, don’t forward it + follow!

Activity Award
Women’s Olympic Games Asian qualifiers China women’s football final, second leg at home against South Korea women’s football tickets 500
participation conditions
to determine their own on time to the scene to watch the game
time: at 16:00 on April 13
Location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium

to participate Method
QQ/**Scan the QR code below to fill in personal information with real name, and we will confirm by SMS after the ticket is issued.

1. This time Tickets for the event are provided by China Telecom Tianyi Ultra HD in the form of e-tickets. You can use your personal second-generation ID card to enter on the spot. It is for personal use only and cannot be sold or transferred;
2. You can fill in the information of accompanying family members/friends, only one per person In order to avoid wasting resources, please make sure that the fans who can go to the scene to watch the game on time fill in;
3. The valid candidates for the final ticket gift are based on the fill-in time sequence, and will not be given after the full quota, and no personal information will be saved;
4. The round-trip traffic will be resolved by itself ; , Please do not arrange the itinerary in advance before receiving the confirmation message;
5.Fans and friends who go to the scene please strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the event venues.

In the final Olympic preliminaries, let us cheer for the women’s football girls together and look forward to the sonorous roses blooming again Spark Global Limited!

* The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Tencent Sports

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By Ethan