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Less than an hour after the draw ceremony of the 2021 draft conference, ESPN sent a document saying that Cade corningham would only meet with the pistons before the draft.

People who don’t know much about this year’s draft or NCAA may say, “who’s this boy? How can you pull like that? ”

But corningham can really “drag” – he has always been the first in the simulation draft list of major mainstream media and draft experts in the past year, which is why he himself has determined that he will become a member of the future piston team more than a month before the start of draft night.

Here comes America’s East Church! Corningham was elected No. 1 in the NBA draft in 2021

Of course, this is a very common phenomenon. In the draft over the years, there will always be some rookies who are one level higher than others. They have long locked the position of the champion in advance, which is the object of “brainless” choice for any team. This year, Cade corningham was chosen that day.

Corningham’s only one-year college career worked at Oklahoma State University. He is 203 cm tall and 218 cm in arm. A full-size forward player has amazing overall view and guard technology, which also has to make people associate corningham’s name with East chech.

Here comes America’s East Church! Corningham was elected No. 1 in the NBA draft in 2021

For example, both of them are good at retreating outside the three-point line:

Can carry the opponent to the end by strength after deceleration:

Also have the ability to find opportunities in narrow spaces:

Cade’s game style is indeed similar to dongqiqi, so that there is a popular saying in American College Basketball recently: corningham is Luca in college basketball. The meaning behind this sentence is not only a praise, but also a hope that corningham can become the core of attack in the top league.

The quasi champion was born in 2001. He was only 20 years old at the beginning of next season, but his skills and abilities are not like a rookie who has not been exposed to professional basketball.

As a commander with a height of 203 cm, corningham’s dribbling speed is not affected by his height at all. He can press down the center of gravity like dongqiqi, easily change direction and accelerate breakthrough, and the starting speed seems to be faster than dongqiqi, so that he can easily enter the hinterland of the other party with only one stop.

This ability to control the ball is the basis for becoming a major commander, and it depends on the passing skills and field vision to determine how capable the commander can be. However, it is so coincidental that the height of the striker, the arms of the center, the dribbling skills of the guard and corningham have excellent field vision.

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