Gymnast, athlete, Li Ning

Many people may not know that before Liu Guoliang, Deng Yaping, Liu Xiang, and Zhu Ting, there was a glorious era in Chinese sports! Hold up this era, is a ringing figure. His sports career has won 14 world championships, creating the world gymnastics history unmatched myth! Not only stunned Asia, but the world: the greatest gymnast of all time. Later, he was voted the world’s best athlete of the 20th century. With Muhammad Ali, Pele, Air Jordan, and other 25 sports stars, together to the top of the century! His name is still remembered by many people, but more people have forgotten, he is known as the “Prince of Gymnastics” Li Ning. However, nowadays people remember the movement brand that he establishes only, do not know that man of this backside, however, having the fate that how surge and surge is magnificent again sad feeling makes a person……

Gymnast, athlete, Li Ning

No one may have thought that Li Ning, the world-famous “gymnastics prince”, was born in a home of books. Li Ning’s father is a famous local music teacher. He discovered his son’s talent in music early on: but Li Ning could not sing anything he sang until he heard it several times. Every weekend is the happiest time for the whole family, father plays the piano, the mother claps, the aunt dances, Li Ning sings. The laughter often attracts the neighbors to watch and cheer. At that time, his father focused on training Li Ning to study music, hoping that one day his son would take over his father’s business, and his son would continue to reach a height that he had never reached in music.

However, because he was too busy to take care of his son, his father sent Li Ning to be raised by his grandparents in rural Liuzhou, Guangxi. Country life opened the door of the new world to Li Ning, over there, he and his small partner wanton play somersault, play handle type, catch grasshopper burning to eat…… One day, through the window, Li Ning saw an exciting scene: the teacher was leading the school gymnastics team to practice gymnastics. Li Ning was as excited as finding a new continent. He not only often leaned over the window to watch others train but also spread his quilt on the ground when he returned home and began to imitate and practice.

The father, who had high hopes for his son in music, was disappointed to see Li Ning obsessed with gymnastics. But after serious communication with his son, the father still decided to send his son to the gymnastics team. Little did Li Ning’s father know that it was his somewhat regrettable decision that gave rise to the “Prince of Gymnastics”, a name that would shake China, Asia, and the world.

By Ethan