Holyfield called on Tyson

Last weekend, the fight between Tyson and Jones, the legendary boxer, ended in an eight-round tie. Although the two old cannons did not make a fierce attack beyond the imagination of boxing fans, with years of feelings, the war has successfully attracted the attention of the whole world! After the game, Tyson said in an interview that he would continue to fight, and today, his old opponent Evander Hollifield officially called on Tyson, hoping to start the third war between the two sides! After seeing the sensation of last weekend’s game, Hodgson can’t sit down anymore!
Throughout the whole game last week, Tyson was undoubtedly more eye-catching than Jones! But because the California Athletic Commission had already defined the competition as a performance before the game, the two sides finally decided to draw. After the game, many experts thought Tyson was a worthy winner. From the age of 54, he’s in amazing shape. The boxing legend confirmed at the post-match press conference held at Staples Center that he would have another fight with his old opponent, Holyfield!

Holyfield called on Tyson

“Maybe Evander should talk to me because every time my team talks to his team, it doesn’t work out very well. So if you see tonight’s game, if you really care about Evander’s future, you can think about Evander’s next game! ” From the speech after the game, Tyson will continue to play for a while! Tyson has played Holyfield twice in his career. On November 9, 1996, the two boxers met for the first time. “Real” Holyfield beat Tyson in the 11th round to win the WBA heavyweight world championship belt. And just six months later, they stood in the ring for the second time, but the common memory of the game for the whole world was Tyson’s big mouth to Holyfield’s ears!

In the third round of the game, Tyson, who was repeatedly hit by Hodgson, could no longer suppress his anger and bit Holyfield’s ear. Holyfield was in agony, and Tyson spat out a piece of meat he had bitten off. As a result, the game was terminated by the referee, Tyson was disqualified because of fouls, and even nearly clashed with the audience when leaving the game. Two years later, Zhao Lirong, a well-known teacher in China, even made fun of Tyson at the Spring Festival Gala: “he bit his ears…”
“He doesn’t tremble. I do!”

After hearing Tyson’s interview with the media, Holyfield also responded quickly: “yes, my team is also running this game. I now know why Tyson has to play before I play. Jones is a good opponent! But if we play against each other, it will be global news! Everyone wants to see our game, we have no reason not to let it happen “Yes, no excuses!” Holyfield added to the media. “It’s a game left over by the two of us. Last week you said you wanted to fight me, so let’s sign the contract and go to the arena! Tyson, the whole world is waiting for us now. The final answer is in you. I’m ready for it Tyson was infamous for this amazing bite Holyfield, 58, had a brilliant career in professional boxing, but lost the world heavyweight title to Lewis in November 1999, and his record began to decline. In May 2011, he announced his retirement after defeating Brian Nelson, with a professional record of 44-10, 1 draw, and 1 void. Because of his large number of children, Lao Huo’s savings over the years are very small. This year, already 58 years old Holyfield officially announced his comeback. And the next three battles between him and Tyson may win him another wave of attention. But if they really stand in the arena, I’m afraid it will no longer be a show that ignores the outcome. If the three battles can be achieved, I believe it will be a wave of harvest feelings of boxing fans Carnival!

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