On December 31, Beijing time, with the end of the 16th round of the Premier League, all 2020 matches have been completed. For the Premier League, this year has experienced a 100-day suspension, but it is still over. Then we might as well take a look at the performance of the teams in the entire 2020 natural year. Liverpool was the Premier League champion last season and the leader of the season. Throughout 2020, they played 35 league games, scored 23 wins, 8 draws and 4 losses, scored 77 points, and became the team with the most points for the third consecutive year! It's just that compared to 88 points in 2018 and 98 points in 2019, this year is indeed much less. Manchester City played only 32 games, scored 20 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses, with 66 points, ranking second, 11 points less than the Reds, the gap is more obvious. And Manchester United is 33 games, 19 wins, 8 draws and 6 losses. With 65 points, they are only one point behind Blue Moon. Under Solskjaer's leadership, they seem to be on the right path. The fourth place is Chelsea, with 34 games, 16 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses, with 57 points. The fifth place is the "big dark horse" Southampton, who also recorded 16 wins in 34 games and scored 56 points. Mourinho's Tottenham ranked only sixth with 55 points in 33 games, 2 points less than seventh place Everton.

At 0:30 a.m. Beijing time on December 28, in the 15th round of the 2020-2021 Premier League season, West Brom was 1-1 at home for Liverpool, and the red army continued to lead in the 11 round unbeaten run. Manet scored the 90th goal of his career in the Premier League, a milestone in fabinho’s 100 games. 20-21 Premier League Fabinho has played his 100th game in his career as Liverpool draw 1-1 with West from wood in 11 unbeaten rounds. The Brazilian’s performance in this game is remarkable. Manet opened the scoring for Liverpool, scoring his seventh goal of the season, which is worth mentioning, the 90th in the Premier League.

In the sixth minute, Robertson inserted a low pass from the left, Salah followed up and scored in the air. The first 12 minutes, fabinho transfer, matip suddenly long pass behind, Ajay failed to complete the interception, Ma Nei in the middle of unloading the ball, turned to volley pad to break the net, 1-0! Liverpool took the lead. The first 19 minutes, Arnold right low pass in front of the door, Ma Nei close down shovel shot, almost touched the ball, In the 21st minute, Henderson looked at Manet’s running route, passed a long pass into the restricted area, and the Senegalese snatched a flying header to attack the goal, and the ball slightly deviated from the bottom line. The first 30 minutes, Arnold 24 meters away free kick right foot out of the violent arc, the ball just slightly missed.

Champions League - Liverpool 1-0 domineering double win Ajax, 19-year-old put a final blow, ahead of a round of qualifying


In the 46th minute, weinaldum made the ball, and Henderson tried to shoot the ball from the instep in front of the top of the arc, and the ball deviated from the bottom line. The 65th minute, vinaldom left side inserts uploads, this ball landing place is very comfortable, in Salah forbidden area snatches the spot to throw the head to attack the goal to be high. In the 72nd minute, Grant’s single shot into the penalty area was blocked by Alison, and the Liverpool goalkeeper made a wonderful save Spark Global Limited. The 82nd minute, Pereira’s tactical corner pass, Ajay’s head in the restricted area, the ball hit the inside of the column, Allison could do nothing, 1-1! The 90th minute, Chamberlain rubs passes the forbidden area, the fermino close range header attacks the goal, Johnstone makes the key save!

Technical statistics

Starting Line-up

Liverpool (433)

Goalkeeper: 1 – Alison

Defenders: 66 Arnold, 32 matip (46 Williams 60 ‘), 3 fabinho, 26 Robertson

Midfield: 17 Jones, 14 Henderson, 5 vernaldum

Forwards: 11 Salah, 9 fermino, 10 MANET

West Brom (4141)

Goalkeeper: 1 – Johnstone

Defenders: 2-veron, 6-ajay, 27 O’Shea, 3-gibbs

Hindquarters: 19 soyers

Midfield: 10 – Phillips, 7 – Robinson (12 – Pereira 73 ‘), 18 – Gallagher, 11 – Diagana

Forward: 29 grant

By Ethan