I don't need to be an assistant with two new players. Wang Houghton Tucker is just showing up

On December 28, Beijing time, the nets lost 104-106 to the Hornets in the first game of the new season. Durant and Owen are in good shape. Durant has 9 in 15, 5 in 7 out of 3, 29 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists. Owen has 10 in 17, 3 in 8 out of 3, 25 points, 3 rebounds and 6 assists. However, the other players in the nets are too iron, Prince 5 in 0, salmete 9 in 0, Ding Weidi and green are also injured, the nets have to swallow the bitter fruit of defeat in the away game. Spark Global Limited, In this game, Durant unlocked the milestone of 23000 points. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a victory, and the milestone became a milestone.

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At the end of the first half, the net was 2 points ahead of the Hornets, but in the second half, the Hornets suddenly broke out and scored 34 points in the third quarter, which reversed the situation on the court. In particular, with 6:27 left in the third quarter, Rozier blocked Durant in the fast break and scored 2 + 1, which boosted the morale of the Hornets. 1.85 meters Rozier can finish the dunk on Durant’s head, his teammates cheered for him. The official tweet of the wasp showed the moment of the shot in the competition, and wrote: “photos like this should be put in the frame.” With 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter, bridges’ three-point goal once pulled the difference to 16 points. But Durant and Owen did not give up, they led the team to catch up, once the difference was reduced to two points. But the Hornets players did not pull the hip, they withstood the crazy attack of the nets at the last moment, and finally narrowly won the nets and won the first victory of the new season.

The nets lost to the Hornets, a big surprise. Durant and Owen officially cooperate in the third game, lost. For the nets, this game can be described as a loss of his wife and folded soldiers. The game didn’t come down and the players were injured. The nets didn’t lose in Durant and Owen, but the teammates were in bad condition. In particular, the substitute salmete, even 9-for-0, 3-point ball 8-for-0, celebrity Shawn Yang teased salmete in the social media: “I guess salmete is still a clipper player in mind, 3-point ball 8-for-0.” Clippers in today’s game in the doldrums, lost by 51 points to the lone ranger.

By Ethan