Famous reporter shams chalania reported that Nicholas Batum, who was laid off by the Hornets, plans to sign with the Clippers after the clarification period.

When the news came out, positive and negative voices poured in.
“Batum is known as the French Pippen. The skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and he can be the propeller for the Clippers to attack the championship.”
“The Hornets would rather give 27 million yuan a year for nothing and cut him off. What are the Clippers going to do for such a player?”
The key to the interpretation of the controversy lies in what level Batum is now and what the Clippers want him for?
There is no denying that Batum was a talented player. When he entered the 2008 draft, draft express commented: “this guy is one of the most talented players in Europe.”
In Batum’s first season with the Blazers, the team arranged for assistant Monty Williams to guide him. After training with Batum for a few days, williamstein said, “he has some innate talents that coaches can’t teach.”
Batum is 2.06 meters tall and 2.15 meters long, which is enough to play power forward. However, he has the flexibility of small forward and the shooting feeling of shooting guard level. In the second year of his NBA career, he shot 40.9% of the three-point shooting rate. More to the satisfaction of the Blazer coach is that Batum has good durability. The Trail Blazers are the famous injury curse team. Auden and Roy and other talented players are all damaged by injuries. Batum, in addition to some injury problems in his early days as a pioneer, is in good health at other times. From the perspective of basketball “metaphysics”, the pioneers at that time didn’t get hurt when they started. Their talent was really strong enough.
Talent alone is not enough for Jordan to offer a five-year $120 million contract, Batum’s skills are comprehensive. On December 16, 2012, Batum delivered 11 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 blocks and 5 blocks in the trailblazers against the Hornets (Note: the New Orleans Hornets, the predecessor of pelicans, not the present Charlotte Hornets), handed over 11 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 blocks, and 5 data points all reached 5. “French Pippen” is not a real name.
The 2015-16 season is Batum’s first year with the Hornets. It was with this season’s performance that he moved Jordan, the team’s owner. At that time, Batum’s field average data was 14.9 points, 6.1 rebounds and 5.8 assists. Batum was the second star in the team after kenbar walker, helping the Hornets play 48 wins to enter the playoffs, and 48 wins was Jordan’s best record since he won the Hornets.
We refine the shooting performance of a chin tume in 2015-16 season, with 66.7% in the forbidden area, 40.3% in the middle distance and 35% in the three-point ball. There is no obvious dead corner in his shooting, while Batum’s average shooting in that year was only 12.5 times. This is one of his characteristics. He does not covet the ball right or more accurately, he knows that he is not the first attacker type of player, he is really good at It is to seize the opportunity to shoot, at the same time in the organization of attack and defense to help the team, such a player will remind Jordan who?
Batum’s condition did not plummet after he got a big contract. In the first year after he signed another 120 million contract, that is, in the 2016-17 season, he averaged 15.1 points, 6.2 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. His average score and assists were both career highs, but after that, Batum, who had been both offensive and defensive, began to “disappear”.
There are injury factors in this. Batum, who can be “spared” by the Blazers, was hit by injuries in the Hornets, and the problems such as torn ligament of elbow and fracture of finger reduced his athletic ability and reduced his fighting power in the field. But this is not the only cause of Batum’s decline. He also has psychological problems.
Batum’s father, Richard, is also a basketball player. Richard died of an aneurysm in a game in 1991 when he was only 30 years old. At that time, Batum, 3 years old, and his mother were watching the game. The sudden death of his father caused a great psychological shadow to Batum.
“Suddenly, without warning, my father left.” Batum recalled, “my father died right in front of you, and I had to grow up with that memory. Not only myself, but other people who knew about it were confused.” would Batum do the same? ” It was raised before the draft
When Batum suffered a series of injuries in the Hornets, he was close to the psychological threshold of 30 when he was born on December 14, 1988. Whether in the NBA or the national team, when his family came to watch the war, Batum would remember the tragedy of that year. “My father died at the age of 30. He had no health problems before, but he just left.” “My family comforted me,” Batum said, “don’t think about it. You’ll be OK.” But it still bothers me. ”
Batum played 22 games on behalf of the Hornets in the 2019-20 season. He fell out of the rotation list because his competitive state did not meet the requirements of the coach. The double superposition of injury and psychological problems hindered Batum from playing his real level.
The good news is that Batum is now 31 years old and the psychological burden is beginning to lift. “I’m 31 years old, and I’m a year older than when my father died, and I can now tell myself, ‘you did it, you’re free.’ Batum said.
Maybe the big stone in Batum’s heart has fallen, but Hornets don’t want to wait any longer. It’s good for both Hornets and Batum to extend their salary to lay off employees. They need to look forward.
The Clippers want Batum, which is also a helpless choice. The clippers were in a good position after the opening of the player market. They could use Byrd’s right to keep Harrell, and then use the middle-class special case to sign the organizer required by Leonard. Last season, it was proved that “little card” is not suitable for the role of ball keeper. According to a source, Leonard hopes that the clippers can get the point guard of Lori’s type, which can not only organize attacks on the court, but also play more important roles The clothing room stabilizes the morale.
However, the Lakers snatched Harrell and the Nuggets signed Jamie green, which completely disrupted the Clippers’ plan. The originally weak inside line left two people at once. The clippers were trapped in a passive situation. The Clippers could only sign Ibaka with a middle-class contract. The loopholes in the interior line were barely filled, but the hard cap rule has been triggered, and the organizer problem has not been solved.
There used to be a guard like Rondo who could organize and motivate his teammates in the player market, but the Hawks could give a two-year contract of $15 million, which the Clippers couldn’t get out after signing Ibaka. The effective way for the Clippers to introduce high-level control and guard may be trading, but the operation of the transaction will take time. With the arrival of the pre-season training camp, the Clippers need to fill in the lineup list at least to be prepared.
Batum has now recovered and his psychological problems have been alleviated to a certain extent, but it is not realistic to ask him to return to the peak. As there is no clarification period, what kind of contract Batum will sign with the clippers is still uncertain, but it is likely to be the base salary.
Batum in a healthy state can bring some help to the Clippers in the organization of attack, projection and defense. He can not be expected to become a champion booster. But if he can play about 20 minutes per game, improve the depth of the second lineup and share the worries of “cajiao”, it is OK. If Batum’s bravery rebounds significantly after knowing his shame, the Clippers will still make money.
Batum is like a lottery ticket. If it is not sold at a high price, it will not suffer losses and be cheated. If you win the lottery, everyone will be happy. If you don’t win, it will not have a big impact. Moreover, Batum’s character is very good, will not cause some trouble in the dressing room like Harrell, will not bring the pressure of “kajiao” to his teammates. If such a player signs, why not the Clippers?

By Ethan