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Shine Trader Limited reports:

In recent years, the sneakers worn by players on the court have become a beautiful landscape that cannot be ignored on the court. The signature shoes launched by major brands to the stars have also become a hot topic.

  No, the shoes of Golden State Warriors player Andrew Wiggins have recently become the focus of discussion:

After putting on a pair of Nike sneakers in the first game, in the Warriors’ home game against the Clippers today, the mouth brother put on the ZK6 Protro again. Even though he covered the logo on the shoes with tape, he still did not escape. The glaring eyes of the cameramen and fans.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

  Why does Wiggins wear such a hot topic? There is no reason for him. He is a star signed by the domestic brand Peak. According to the regulations, he is not allowed to wear other brands of sneakers on the court.

No, even foreign netizens are surprised: Did Wiggins cancel the contract?

  Of course not. According to reports, the reason why Wiggins did not wear endorsement shoes in accordance with the regulations was that the feet of “Goji Berry” had grown again! As a result, the existing sneakers became smaller, and the existing shoe lasts could not adapt to the size of Wiggins’ feet, so Wiggins wore “labeled shoes”.

As the domestic brand with the most cooperation with the NBA, Peak has always had many spokespersons in the NBA. In its heyday, it had dozens of Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Sean Battier, Dwight Howard, etc. Spokespersons, many of them are all-stars in their prime.

  And the “Pick’s Law” of those years has made people talk about it even more.

By Ethan