The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

Paul was interviewed by the media after the Suns trained.

In the interview, the reporter asked Paul how he still maintained such high athletic ability at the age of 36, Paul said: “I only know that I focus on training day after day, whether it’s cold or hot, so when I step on the court, I don’t think I’m 36 years old. I’m grateful to the team around me, whether it’s the chef, the fitness coach or the trainer, who help me make sure my body is ready for the game at all times.

When you’re a competitor, it’s just routine work. I remember Kobe saying years ago that you have to love the sport deeply and repeat the same training thousands of times. Some people may only have three minutes of heat, but I’m different because I love it and I want to compete at a higher level.

By Ethan