The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

Today, Lakers new aid Cameron Anthony was interviewed by the media.

Speaking of James, Anthony said: “over the years, LeBron and I have often joked about the possibility of playing together. Now it’s time for us to play together in the same team. There’s no better time than this.”

“James said to me, ‘now is the time. We must let it happen. We want you’.” Anthony said.

Turning to his age of 37 and the older Lakers players, Anthony said: “we don’t care. We will create our own stories. In the final analysis, it’s just about basketball.”

In addition, Anthony said he came to the Lakers with the goal of winning the championship. Anthony said: “every year, every season, we want to win the championship. But it is very difficult to achieve this goal. I came here with the goal of winning the championship. ”

“This is the only thing I lack. It’s something that keeps me awake at night. It inspires me because I haven’t won (the championship) before.”

According to previous news, Anthony and the Lakers reached a one-year contract.

By Ethan